Meet Sam Dekker's Girlfriend Bailey Scheich

And Bailey Scheich, girlfriend of Wisconsin’s Sam Dekker, just jumped to the top of the leaderboard for college basketball girlfriend of the year. If you were looking for a March Madness breakout star for CBS cameras to show after big Wisconsin baskets, Scheich is your new star.
Here’s the interesting part of this Dekker-Scheich relationship: she’s a Michigan student, who is originally from just south of Ann Arbor. Dekker is from Sheboygan, WI. Scheich wears red when she’s at Wisconsin events. Dekker (13.4 ppg; 5.2 rpg) has worn Michigan colors at Michigan events. Yes, it’s strange, but Dekker took care of business on Jan. 24 in Ann Arbor, dropping 15 in a 69-64 OT victory.  Scheich wore her school colors to that game.
There’s always a star couple this time of year. Nik Stauskas’ girlfriend, Taylor Anderson, made her BC debut about this time last year. It’s time for Scheich to carry the torch.
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