Rolando McClain

Dec 23, 2014

Take A Tour Of Rolando McClain’s House BEFORE It Burned Down Last Night

  Rolando McClain’s Northport, Alabama house burned to the ground last night in a spectacular blaze that “burned nearly to...

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May 15, 2013

25 NSFW Football Fans Ripping Rolando McClain For Retiring At 23

So Rolando McClain retired today from the NFL at the age of 23. Retired. Done. Finished. Think I’ll just go...

Dec 1, 2011

Raiders LB Rolando McClain Popped A Cap Next To Dude’s Ear!

When will the Oakland Raiders start being the Oakland Raiders again? It's now! Linebacker Rolando McClain was arrested for brandishing a gun and... well... some other shit too. You wanted thugs on your Oakland Raiders instead of those fakers and scumbags in The Black Hole that embarrass you? Well, you've got it (allegedly)! McClain allegedly fired a gun next to some fool's ear because... well... if nothing else, he plays for the goddamn Raiders!