Red Sox Fan

Jul 11, 2014

Red Sox Guy Catches Tricky Foul Ball, His Chick Won’t Get Off Her Phone

      This right here is the death of baseball. So Red Sox guy just made a great play...

May 21, 2014

I Know A Whipped Guy When I See One

  Hartford Whalers Guy knows exactly how to handle life. Act like you don’t want the souvenir ball because the...

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May 2, 2014

Red Sox Fan Catches Foul Ball While Holding Phone & Beer

  Camo cargos? North Face hoodie? Chin goat? Red Sox bro just crushed the foul ball game while holding his...

Apr 21, 2014

Red Sox Fan Gets Denied By His Chick During ‘Sweet Caroline’

      She’s going to make your ass work for it, Masshole. Is there anything more embarrassing to Masshole...