Red Sox Guy Catches Tricky Foul Ball, His Chick Won’t Get Off Her Phone







This right here is the death of baseball.

So Red Sox guy just made a great play on a foul ball to steal it away from Nantucket Tool and is obviously full of adrenaline. He’s on a date to the ballpark, it’s a nice summer night and all he wants is his chick to show some attention.

And her ass can’t get off the phone.

“Just a minute hon, I have to finish sending this Insty to Jill. She’s going to love this one…hahahahaha.”

Meanwhile, this guy just wants her to say how proud she is and that no guy has ever caught a foul ball for her before. Crickets.

Phones will eventually kill baseball. Not football, basketball or soccer. Baseball is the sport that’s going to pay the price for this technology. Trust me.

[via CutFour]

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