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Dec 14, 2015

Karma Comes Back to Haunt Bengals Fans Torching Terrible Towels

The Bengals entered Sunday’s game with a chance to clinch both a playoff spot and AFC North crown, but something...

Nov 17, 2015

Steelers Fanatic Shoots Neighbor Over Argument During Browns Game

Did the Steelers not win this game 30-9? Wtf.

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Steelers Fan Wanted For Ripping Off Ohio Liquor Store

The store has now been hit twice.

Oct 19, 2015

Bud Dupree Celebrates Antwon Blake’s Pick-6 Like There’s No Tomorrow

Over a week ago, Steelers cornerback Antwon Blake somehow survived an encounter with Steve Smith Sr., so he made the...

Oct 13, 2015

Buy This Old Pittsburgh Steelers Tailgate RV — $3400

The Steelers aren’t in a great place right now. Fat faced Big Ben is out for at least 2 more...

Oct 4, 2015

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Sep 29, 2015

Steelers Schedule 2015: Pittsburgh Football Game Dates & Start Time

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been built on defense lately. The 2015 season may be one where the team needs to...

Aug 7, 2015

Shirtless 1990s Boomer Esiason, Kyle Long’s PED Test & Hoodie’s Summer Vacation

  No radio for me today…so no podcast today I was kicked off the radio for some recruiting “guru” from...

Jul 28, 2015

Toothless Steelers Fan Tells Her Browns Fan Husband To…Deal With It

  And Susan ‘Colcinko’ thought we wouldn’t look for her on the Internet. If you show up to Steelers training...

Jun 26, 2015

Creepy Pittsburgh Steelers Tailgate Van For Sale — $7,000

Another day, another tailgate purchase that can really unsettle some folks in your cozy neighborhood. Currently up for sale on...

May 21, 2015

Buy This Pittsburgh Steelers Yamaha Motorcycle — $5,000

It can be tough out there for motorcycle riders who want to show off their team pride. You can’t put...

Feb 12, 2015

Steelers Fan Ready To Dump Prized Dodge Caravan — $3,500

  There comes a day in every tailgater’s life when he/she has to make the tough decision to hang it...

Nov 20, 2014

Tom Brady Welcomes Back LeGarrette Blount With Excellent High Five Video

On Monday night, LeGarrette Blount walked off LP Field for the final time as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Nov 18, 2014

Steelers Safety Mike Mitchell Told Fan to Kill Himself On Twitter

If you follow Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell on Twitter, then you know the guy is all about his Bible...

Nov 17, 2014

The Best Of NFL Fans From NFL Week 11

Believe it or not, there are only six weeks left in the NFL season as Week 11 concludes tonight with...

Nov 4, 2014

I Want To Party Angry Rocky Bleier Fan

  You can’t tell me drinking with Angry Rocky Bleier Fan doesn’t sound like fun. The guy would just start...

Sep 17, 2013

20 NSFW Black Guys Break Down Steelers 0-2 Start

The Steelers are a mess. One of the NFL’s marquee franchises, Pittsburgh fell to 0-2 for the first time since...

Dec 16, 2012

DeMarco Murray Moons National TV Audience [VIDEO]

Any ladies out there interested in seeing DeMarco Murray’s entire ass exposed? Well if you were watching today’s Cowboys vs....

Oct 12, 2012

23 NSFW ‘Steelers Fans Bitching About Horrible Titans Loss’ Tweets

Steelers fans are sure one angry bunch. Frustrations are at an all-time high in Pittsburgh and combining the slew of...

Aug 6, 2012

36 Hottest Pittsburgh Steelers Sexy Superfans

Like most of you, we are itching for football season to start. In the midst of the dog days of summer, many get sick of baseball and start turning their attention to football. Don’t blame you a bit. To help quench your thirst, BC is going on a 32 team, 32 day, 32 gallery tour of NFL cheerleaders & superfans. With several key players departing, will Big Ben and the Steelers be able to keep up their string of success? JUMP!

May 25, 2012

James Harrison Discusses Life And How He Likes Justin Bieber [VIDEO]

James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers has gotten a bad wrap over the years for hard hits on players and fines handed down by Roger Goodell. The filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, who is known for releasing the tapes of Gregg Williams in the bountygate scandal, rode along with Harrison where they talked about James' possible rap career and the bountygate scandal. Of course, Harrison said his music would be a combination of R Kelly, Justin Bieber, and Usher JUMP!

Mar 28, 2012

Terry Bradshaw Unloading 744-Acre Oklahoma Ranch; $10MM! [PHOTOS]

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw was a cowboy. Who knew? The Hall of Famer is putting his gigantic Oklahoma ranch on the market, where you can breed the hell out of some horses, for just under $10 million. It's probably totally worth it if you're into impregnating horses and crap like that. In addition to the home, there are three barns that sit on more acres than you can shake a stick it! JUMP!

Mar 1, 2012

ESPN Headline Writing School: Hines Ward + Asian = Happy Endings

They just can't find anyone who's culturally-sensitive to write headlines over at ESPN, can they? After tripping all over themselves when someone used the term "chink" in a headline about Asian-American New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, they went and did it again. This time, the victim was former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward, who's half Korean. Here's what they tried to slide by us this time. Check it!

Jan 13, 2012

Paul Revere Will Wear Tebow Jersey If God Grants Miracle

Denver Mayor Michael Hancockis back at it. He's made another bet, this time with Boston Mayor Tom Menino over Saturday's game. It's more or less your standard politico wager. The winner gets a specific dinner from the loser's town and the loser has to wear a jersey from the opposing team. Except... instead of Menino wearing a Broncos jersey, it will be the statue of Paul Revere wearing a Broncos jersey. Kind of makes us sick. Check it!

Jan 10, 2012

Tim Tebow Nailed To Cross In Latest Taiwanese Animation Video

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos dispatched the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime on Sunday. It was a huge win for the Broncos and it's now a huge story pretty much everywhere, even in Taiwan. For some reason, the Taiwanese people like to tell stories through animated videos that make little to no sense... at least to us. We've got the latest and they're focusing on Tebow's big win, which apparently happened through divine intervention and really pissed off atheists. Check it!

Jan 8, 2012

Orlando Franklin Looks Mentally Handicapped In His Introduction Picture [PHOTOS]

Orlando Franklin of the Denver Broncos looked "special" in his introduction picture against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Trust me Orlando, the cross eyed look is not a good one. What the hell is that on Tebow's lip? If he weren't a virgin, I would guess it's an out break of herpes. Might want to use some concealer Tim. Broncos fans dressed like idiots and more after the JUMP!

Jan 6, 2012

NFL Playoffs: Broncos-Steelers Mayoral Bet Is So F-ing Weak

It's that time of year again! No, not the time for giving and crap like that. The time for playoff football and politicians making stupid bets over playoff football games! Today we've got Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl making a bet over the Denver Broncos game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. We've got the details of the bet and we breakdown the matchup to tell you who's going to look stupid. Check it!

Dec 19, 2011

Transformer Explodes During 49ers-Steelers Game [PHOTOS]

See that flashing blue light in the left corner of the picture? That is what happens when a transformer explodes and electricity goes haywire. The fact that this game is being played at Candlestick Park makes this occurrence hilarious. Either they are filming a scene from the Dark Knight Rising tonight or the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers are about to play in utter darkness. Big Ben also tried "Tebowing" and failed miserably. JUMP!

Dec 13, 2011

Terry Bradshaw’s Florida Home Available For $1.4 MM [PHOTOS]

Terry Bradshaw spends all his time in Hollywood, so he doesn't need this dump in Florida. Just kidding. It's not a dump, but he's practically giving it away at $1.4 million. The weird thing is Bradshaw never even bothered to live in it. If you're a golfer and have a lot of money, this just might be the place for you. It's located on a Jack Nicklaus-designed course. We've got all the details and the photos. Check it!

Nov 27, 2011

The Steelers-Chiefs Weirdest Faces Better Than Actual Game [PHOTOS]

It's Sunday Night Football where the Pittsburgh Steelers are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs. It's obvious that both teams made bets with each other to see who could make the most "DERP" faces during 60 minutes of playing time. Kansas City better keep Ben Roethlisberger away from their girls after the game tonight and keep their defensive lineman close to him. JUMP!