Penn State Nittany Lions
Oct 8, 2016

Penn State Kicker Joey Julius Takes Another Cheap Shot, This Time From A Maryland Player

Our favorite fat kicker, Joey Julius, just can’t catch a break these days. This dude has a legit bounty out...

Oct 1, 2016

Fat Penn State Kicker Joey Julius Takes A Cheap Shot, Minnesota Player Gets Ejected

We love Joey JuliusĀ here at BC. He’s Penn State’s kicker, he’s a freaking hoss and he lays the wood...

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Sep 17, 2016

Scumbag Penn State Fans Gave A Standing Ovation To Joe Paterno After His Tribute Video

Yep, you read that headline right. A stadium full of delusional, brain washed scumbags actually gave a standing ovation to...

Nov 7, 2015

Christian Hackenberg Throws A Laser Directly At A Ref’s Head

This is the price you pay when you’re stuck being the ref who patrols the middle of the field. Sometimes...