Penn State Fan Seems Mad At Ohio State For Winning – Again

Penn State fan seems mad at Ohio State after taking another L / via Twitter

Penn State fan was drinking and furious at his team losing to Ohio State on Saturday and clearly DGAF who hears it because Penn State fan went on this wild NSFW rant right in front of a toddler during what appears to be the final moments of the Buckeyes 28-17 win that could’ve easily been 42-0. You can hear for yourself what Penn State fan has to say here. It’s pretty much years of frustration that his team can’t get over the hump in the Big Ten East and then into the playoff.

Now imagine how Michigan fan feels about all this. The Wolverines have beaten Ohio State three times since 2000. At least Penn State has five wins over that period. And think about Michigan winning once in the last 15 years. ONCE. By the way, look at what the Ohio State band did at halftime against Penn State.


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