Penn State Fan Wants Fresh Cash Via Armed Robbery Up In This Philly Subway

We’re about to head into the slow season around here and I need something to keep the machine rolling along, so I’m thinking of doing a little B1G vs. SEC challenge. We’ll track conference criminals and maybe even put together a scoreboard for fans who pull off crimes while wearing conference gear. Bonus points if the criminal is wearing a B1G or SEC conference logo shirt, hat, etc.
I know what you’re thinking here: The SEC is going to run away with this challenge because they’re a bunch of idiots who only own school gear and they’re always up to no good in states like Alabama, Georgia and Florida. However, I’m sitting in B1G country and have numerous spotters just waiting on Facebook for Michigan and/or Ohio State fans to pull a bank robbery. We’ve had Ohio State and Michigan fans fighting on the Put In Bay ferry. Don’t think for a second that B1G fans aren’t capable of hanging with the SEC in this challenge. I’m pretty excited to see how this goes.
First up, we have Penn State fan pulling a piece on some Subway worker that just wants to never make another sub.
From WPVI:

Philadelphia police are hoping this surveillance video of a robbery at a Subway in North Philadelphia will lead to an arrest.
According to police, a man in a Penn State sweatshirt flashed a gun and demanded money from the cash register on Monday. He then allegedly forced an employee into the bathroom and locked the door.
All of this unfolded inside the store on the 3200 block of North Broad Street around 5:30 p.m.

Bonus points for camera quality, clean shot of the Penn State fan and the gun. Now we’re off and running with the B1G vs. SEC challenge.
Did you spot a B1G or SEC criminal on Facebook, on your local news, Twitter, etc.? Let us know. Make this challenge great via submissions. 
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