Patrick Kane

Sep 23, 2015

Why Patrick Kane's Lawyer Has A Hustler Coffee Cup In His Office

  So I’ve stayed out of this whole Patrick Kane sexual assault case because someone will ultimately scream at me to “stick to sports” and it’s not exactly our thing to get into these cases that get all lawyer-y. However,...

Patrick Kane Brought The Stanley Cup To A Jimmy Buffett Concert And Sang/Played The Tambourine On Stage

It looks like last night was a big concert night in the world of sports. First, Bill Walton at the Grateful Dead and now 3 time Stanley Cup winner Patrick Kane at Jimmy Buffett. Buffett had a concert at Tinley...

Jun 28, 2015

Actress Lisa Varga Will Make You A Patrick Kane Fan

Never heard of actress Lisa Varga? Same here. Then she showed up on Twitter the other day wearing a Patrick Kane jersey and no pants. BOOM – got my attention. After a little research, it seems that Lisa (‏@TheLisaVarga...

Sep 17, 2013

Patrick Kane’s Girlfriend Amanda Grahovec Shines At Kaner’s Cup Day

Patrick Kane spent most of his day with the Stanley Cup on Saturday with his three sisters, other family members, friends and his girlfriend Amanda Grahovec. That’s her in those jeans that were so tight Kaner had to eventually cut...

Aug 26, 2013


Jul 24, 2013

Tipster Claims Patrick Kane Acted Like “Ass-tard” At Buffalo Golf Course

  You might remember our simple post on Monday when we showed Patrick Kane in an Amish golf hat. His caddie told us that Kaner was a “legend” and the “funniest guy.” The same caddie wouldn’t give us details on...

Jul 22, 2013

Patrick Kane Golfed In This Hat Today

  Patrick Kane’s summer fun in Buffalo rolled along today at the golf course where he went Amish for a round, according to his caddie ‏@DKomp23. “Guys a legend, funniest guy,” David tells us. We’re still efforting shenanigans...

Jun 26, 2013

Patrick Kane Partied With Stanley Cup While Wearing Unicorn Head [PHOTOS]

Kaner and the Cup update: Patrick Kane and the boys took the Cup on a tour of Chicago bars last night and at some point a unicorn head showed up at the party. Of course Kaner donned the head and...

Jun 25, 2013

Reporter Nearly Has Her Ear Tongued By Blackhawks Fan [VIDEO]

[youtube] Camera. Female reporter. Huge crowd. Crazed sports fans. Lights. What could possibly happen on live TV when you flip the light switch to illuminate a reporter after the Blackhawks just won an amazing Game 6 of the Stanley...

Apr 30, 2013

Patrick Kane Preps For Stanley Cup Playoffs With Middle Finger At Bar

According to @MollieScott, that’s Chicago Blackhawks legend Patrick Kane going middle finger at Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap, a Lincoln Park hotspot where the Kaner was prepping for the Stanley Cup playoffs. From all indications, Mollie snapped this Friday...