Why Patrick Kane's Lawyer Has A Hustler Coffee Cup In His Office

So I’ve stayed out of this whole Patrick Kane sexual assault case because someone will ultimately scream at me to “stick to sports” and it’s not exactly our thing to get into these cases that get all lawyer-y. However, if Patrick Kane’s lawyer, Paul Cambria, has a Hustler 40th Anniversary coffee cup on his book case, I’m going to start taking notice to the circus.
Paul sat down with Buffalo media to go over the latest case developments and there was the Hustler mug. And boxing gloves. And money soap.
So let’s do a search for Paul Cambria and Hustler…yep, Cambria has represented Larry Flynt. He’s also represented DMX and Marilyn Manson. This Cambria guy is known as one of the best in the country. You hire Paul Cambria when shit hits the wall and you need the best in the business. The porn industry hired Cambria a couple years ago when there was a measure┬áin Los Angeles County that would require performers to wear condoms. It was a First Amendment case.
So, you can see why Kane hired the guy and why he has a Hustler coffee cup. That industry is his normal employer.

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