Patrick Kane Brought The Stanley Cup To A Jimmy Buffett Concert And Sang/Played The Tambourine On Stage

It looks like last night was a big concert night in the world of sports. First, Bill Walton at the Grateful Dead and now 3 time Stanley Cup winner Patrick Kane at Jimmy Buffett.
Buffett had a concert at Tinley Park south of Chicago, so Kane went on stage with the cup and sang Volcano with Jimmy and played a little tambourine.

I said this when the Warriors were celebrating their title and I’ll say it again: that month after winning a championship has to be the greatest month a person can live. The Stanley Cup is a celebrity on its own. I mean people want to take pictures with it and stuff, so when you’re on the team that wins it, you get to do all kinds of awesome stuff. Like go on stage and sing with Jimmy Buffett.


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