Montreal Canadiens

Oct 21, 2016

Canadiens Fan Takes A Piss Directly Over A Tray Of Nachosa

We’ve seen some pretty savage things from sports fans on this website. We post Bills Mafia stuff every Sunday and...

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Feb 27, 2015

Canadiens Fan Puking On Himself — GIF

  Big question: Did he finish the beer? You know how I know this guy is a professional drinker? He’s...

May 15, 2014

Is This Wayne Gretzky Jersey Worth $250,000?

Do you have any idea how much Canadians are obsessed with hockey? • Obsessed enough that a largely anonymous defenseman...

Jan 9, 2014

Hockey Fight of the Night: Brandon Prust Works Over Zac Rinaldo

  The NHL season is long and forgiving for teams who stumble. Remember when the Flyers were a mess? Then...

Nov 5, 2013

Buy Quebec Home With Mini Canadiens Locker Room & Rink – $3.3 Million

Real hockey fans don’t mess around: they think, talk and play hockey all year long. God knows it’s easier than...

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Apr 5, 2013

Evander Kane vs Alexei Emelin: Don’t Throw My Helmet, Bro! [VIDEO]

Frustration was mounting last night for Evander Kane and the Winnipeg Jets. Down 4-1 to Montreal late in the third,...

David Arrigo Is Greatest Goalie Mask Artist You’ve Never Heard Of [Photos]

Artist David Arrigo may not have a bunch of paintings hanging in fancy galleries, but you've probably still seen his work. Arrigo has painted some of the coolest goalie masks in hockey. His works range from the odd -- Angry Birds -- to the traditional. The one thing they all have in common is they look awesome. Check the gallery. JUMP!

Aug 11, 2011