Is This Wayne Gretzky Jersey Worth $250,000?

Gretzky Jersey

Do you have any idea how much Canadians are obsessed with hockey?

• Obsessed enough that a largely anonymous defenseman became a doughnut mogul.

• Obsessed enough that Canadiens fans filled the Bell Centre in Montreal for Wednesday night’s Game 7 against the Bruins in Boston.

• Obsessed enough that someone will pay $250,000 for the blue Edmonton Oilers sweater Wayne Gretzky wore when he netted a record 92 goals during the 1981-82 season? Yes.

Shawn Chaulk, the “Wayne Gretzky of Wayne Gretzky collectors,” will sell the one-of-a-kind jersey through Classic Auctions in Montreal some time this week.

Chaulk stopped in at their facility today. The possible price on the Gretzky jersey? A lot of cash:

Perhaps $250,000, Chaulk guesses, but anything can happen at auctions.

Other items available at the auction include Yvan Cournoyer’s 1970s Montreal Canadiens equipment bag and Guy Lafleur Montreal Forum red seat.

None of Paulina Gretzky‘s lingerie has hit the block yet. That’s a future bidding war.

Let us know if you put a bid in on the Gretzky jersey. Likewise, we’ll let you know what the winning bid is.

[H/T: CTV]

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