Canadiens Fan Takes A Piss Directly Over A Tray Of Nachosa

We’ve seen some pretty savage things from sports fans on this website. We post Bills Mafia stuff every Sunday and that alone is enough barbarian behavior to cover the whole country. Then add in fans fighting in the nosebleed seats and Raider fans taking bong hits out of a manakin’s hooha, and we have people doing outrageous things at sporting events from sea to shining sea.
Now we move to little brother up north. I guess Canada is just like us and knows how to get down and dirty at games. Of all the disgusting things I’ve seen, this one is right up there with the best of them. This dude bought a full tray of nachos, realized he had to take a leak, and dropped those nachos right underneath the urinal where any remaining droplets of piss can land right into the cheese whiz.


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