lou holtz

Aug 16, 2015

Lou Holtz’s Hands Doing Work At Twin Peaks

God sent Lou to Twin Peaks to save these girls.

Feb 20, 2015

Lou Holtz Got Kisses From College Cheerleaders…Your Move Vitale

      It’s never been a better time to be 70+ and a sports analyst. Lou Holtz is 78;...

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Dec 31, 2013

Mark May Praises Rich Rod: He Found Ways To Win At Michigan

Yeah, Rich Rod was 15-22 at Michigan, lost a Gator Bowl and was run out of town. He somehow found...

Count How Many Times Lou Holtz Blinks During This Vine

Thought I counted 14 during the six-second Vine. Case…Colt…McCoy…same thing. There is actually help out there to get your blinking...

Dec 31, 2013

Who Is The Biggest Sports Media A-Hole Of 2012?

What did ESPN do when the network noticed its blowhard daytime show First Take was experiencing a ratings slide? The...

Jul 2, 2012