Kristen Saban

Feb 28, 2016

Lane Kiffin And His Wife Layla Are Getting A Divorce

Remember those rumors about Lane Kiffin and Kristen Saban that took over Twitter for a day after Alabama lost to...

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Jul 17, 2014

Buy Nick Saban’s Daughter A Wedding Gift

  Imagine asking Nick Saban for permission to marry his daughter. Think about the nerves going into that meeting. How...

Jul 15, 2012

Alabama Fans Leave Nice Message At The Beach For Rivals [PHOTOS]

Alabama Crimson Tide fans are always here to let you know how they feel about your team. Nick Saban is in the news for his daughter, Kristen Saban, allegedly beating up Sarah Grimey (her sorority sister). So an Alabama fan writing "Roll Tide Yall Suck" in the sand at a nice beach just puts the icing on the cake. Come on guys, every southern gentlemen and bell knows that it's spelled "y'all". TROLL TIDE!  JUMP!

Jul 11, 2012

Nick Saban’s Daughter, Kristen, Curb Stomped Her Sorority Sister, According To Lawsuit

Let's just say Nick Saban's daughter, Kristen, and her old sorority friend Sarah Grimes are done being friends. Grimes' lawyers filed a lawsuit against Saban today in Tuscaloosa County over a 2010 incident where Grimes alleges she was literally curb stomped. The two had been drinking and eventually Saban punched and kicked Grimes in the face, according to the lawsuit. Just what Alabama talk radio needs in mid-July! PAWWWLLLL! JUMP!