Buy Nick Saban’s Daughter A Wedding Gift



Imagine asking Nick Saban for permission to marry his daughter. Think about the nerves going into that meeting. How do you even go about that conversation? Do you wait until Nick is at the Lake Burton house and has had a couple glasses of wine? Do you ask to have a meeting at the football office so he’s in his natural element and might have game tape on the brain? Do you ask him to go jet skiing and throw it out on the lake? What about over a glass of sweet tea at the Tuscaloosa homestead?

I’m nervous even thinking about Adam Setas, a former Bama hockey player, asking Nick to marry Kristen Saban.

The conversation obviously went down because Saban & Setas have a May 30, 2015 wedding date and you can buy the couple a wedding gift off their Pottery Barn registry. You can buy them a $20 pet food dish. You can buy margarita glasses for $36.

I’m pretty sure I’ll buy them a personalized Mason jar mug for $5.50…and send a Roll Tide wedding card.

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