High School Football

Nov 20, 2020

High School Football Coach Has Halftime Heart Attack; Still Finishes Game

Daryl Hayes, a 48-year-old football coach for St. John’s-Concordia Prep, did the unthinkable and showed otherworldly toughness. According to the Frederick-News Post, Hayes suffered a heart attack due to a blood clot in an artery connected to his left ventricle...

Whoever Painted This High School Field Deserves To Be Fired

I saw this picture floating around the Internet today and had to give the people my take on it. You know, because that’s what we do here, we cover the important issues like guys who can’t walk in a straight...

Sep 2, 2016


Sep 24, 2015

7-Foot, 440-Pound HS Lineman Can’t Help But Wreck People When Drawn Offsides

The big rage on the Internet today — besides Popemania — is 7-foot, 440-pound King Riverside lineman John Krahn. Basically, if you have ever wanted to watch The Big Show play football, this is about as close as you will...

Sep 12, 2015

Watch This Insane One-Handed Pick Six In An Iowa High School Game

It’s Saturday morning, the college games haven’t started yet, so I thought I’d give you a little high school highlight to get you to 12 o’clock. This kid from Iowa made one of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen...

Sep 6, 2015

High School Football Players Take Out A Referee After Bad Calls

We all know high school refs suck. If you played any high school sport you know this. They’re just normal guys who usually do it as a side thing at night, and weren’t exactly professionally trained like the guys you...

Aug 28, 2015

Watch: High School RB Josh McKenzie Wrecks Defender En Route to Touchdown

FB: TOUCHDOWN, Bergen. Bulldozing 9-yard run from Josh McKenzie. Trucked RBC defender at goal line. His 2nd TD today. pic.twitter.com/5vvERGBdgw — Varsity Aces (@VarsityAces) August 27, 2015 Josh McKenzie is a highly touted 15-year-old freshman running back for Bergen Catholic...

Aug 28, 2015

Texas High School Football Six-Man Team Wins 114-66

The offenses really got going in Week One.