Drunk NFL Fans

Aug 26, 2014

Bills Fans Try To Coax Steelers Fan Into A Fan Brawl

    Need more proof NFL games aren’t a good place for your kids unless you score suite tickets from...

Aug 25, 2014

Handcuffed Cowboys Chick Tumbles Down The Stairs Saturday Night In Miami

    Finally! I was starting to get worried that NFL fans stopped getting drunk, stupid and arrested at preseason...

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Feb 7, 2013

Drunk Ravens Chick, Part 2: “Shannon Sharpe Can Kiss My Ass” [VIDEO]

CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 How our friend Rebecca hasn’t become an internet sensation is a mystery. Part of this...

Feb 6, 2013

Drunk Ravens Chick After Parade: We’re ‘World F–king Champions’ [VIDEO]

We showed you photos of the mayhem that was the Ravens victory parade yesterday. Now, we present you with video...

Dec 11, 2012

Drunk Redskins Fan Goes Face First Into Light Pole After Giants Game [VIDEO]

(The good stuff gets going at :38.) We’ll call him Bob. He’s been a Washington Redskins fan since birth. His...

Oct 26, 2012

Drunk Vikings Fan Pissed His Pants During Last Night’s Game [PHOTO]

Hats off to @TriggaMike63 for uploading what may be the fan photo of the year. What appears to be a...

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Oct 23, 2012

Giants Fan’s Insulting NSFW Crotch Taunting Of Cowboys Fan [VIDEO]

You kind of have it coming to you if you wear Cowboys gear to a Redskins-Giants game. A little ribbing...

Drunk Cowboys Fan To Chargers Fans: “Hands Up, Motherf**kers!” [VIDEO]

"Hands up, motherf**kers! Hands up!" That's the battle cry from Jason Witten fan at Saturday's Cowboys-Chargers game at Jack Murphy. The football season hasn't really started until the first fan fight videos start rolling in. You won't see Whitey Witten throw punches, but he's full of great ghetto slang that'll entertain your ass at work this morning. "Hands up, motherf**kers!" JUMP!

Aug 20, 2012