Bills Fans Try To Coax Steelers Fan Into A Fan Brawl



Need more proof NFL games aren’t a good place for your kids unless you score suite tickets from your boss? I say it over and over and over again that you should (1.) Never take your son to NFL games until he’s 13 and can throw a punch; (2.) Never take your daughter to any NFL EVER. Under no circumstance should your daughter be at an NFL game. Not even a suite.

Those are the rules.

Take this incident at the recent Bills-Steelers preseason game. Bills fans obviously had a few too many pops and went into asshole mode. Steelers fan had heard enough and thought threatening an ass whippin’ would cause Bills fan to settle down. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Look, there’s not much more in life that Bills fan enjoys than a fight and drinking beer out of a bong. Steelers fan should’ve known that. He figured going to tough guy act would calm things down. That might work with Carolina Panthers fan. That’s not happening with Bills fan. We’re talking about a fan base that grills tailgating food on the hood of a Pinto.

Save your energy, money and sanity and just watch these games at home. Take your kid to the Tilted Kilt and he’ll have the time of his life.