Handcuffed Cowboys Chick Tumbles Down The Stairs Saturday Night In Miami






I was starting to get worried that NFL fans stopped getting drunk, stupid and arrested at preseason games. Here we have some police action at Saturday’s Cowboys-Dolphins game. It’s your typical situation during the preseason where losers get free tickets from work and shit eventually gets out of control.

The difference here is that Cowboys chick takes quite a ride down the stairs thanks to the local cops. I counted at least 5-6 rows that she plunged down before I couldn’t see her head bouncing.

The lesson here for parents out there who think it would be great to take your son/daughter to a cheap preseason game: don’t do it or get suite tickets. This IS NOT a place for kids. Take them to the zoo. And never take your daughter to any NFL game. It’s the worst possible sporting event for a young girl to ever attend. Take her to the U.S. Open tennis tournament in Flushing. It’s a much better environment for her.

Do you know the Cowboys chick who was launched down the stars at Joe Robbie? Let us know how she’s doing.


Last week in Houston:


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