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May 16, 2012

Cowboys Cheerleader Bikini Calendar Photos From Mexico Just Won’t Stop

At this point we figure you guys think BC is just dicking around and stretching out these Dallas Cowboys cheerleader galleries because it's a slow news week. Not the case at all. There are like 50 chicks on the team and they just keep uploading snapshots from their time in Cancun. While many NFL cheerleading units are a complete mess with social networking, the DCC is just a machine. Just blasting us with bikini shots at least 3-4 times per day. The latest – JUMP!

May 5, 2012

Sean Payton Performed At The House Of Blues Last Night [PHOTOS]

What do you do when the NFL commissioner makes you take a year off from football for a scandal? If you are Sean Payton, you go to the New Orleans House of Blues and walk on stage to perform for the crowd. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals lead off the concert according to Deadspin and then Payton played keyboard. Payton said he would coach his son's football team this year but it looks like we'll be seeing him having some fun. JUMP!

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Apr 28, 2012

The Redskins Really Messed Up Their RGIII Introduction Press Conference [PHOTOS]

The Washington Redskins held an introductory press conference for the 2nd overall pick in the NFL Draft today for Robert Griffin III. The former Baylor Bear and Heisman trophy winner walked up on stage and then this screen went up that just read "Video Lock Error Ident Mode" on the NFL Network. The feed was not able to be resurrected and anything RGIII had to say was only heard by the people in the room. JUMP!

Apr 28, 2012

Russell Wilson’s Wife Got Way Too Excited Over Her Husband Getting Drafted [PHOTOS]

Russell Wilson was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Draft last night and his wife Ashton Wilson stole the spotlight by getting SUPER PSYCHED as you can see. First of all that white phone Russell is using is ridiculous. Who still uses this shit? Ashton, @1AshtonWilson, not only reacted ridiculous when her husband was drafted, but was holding her little dog. Don't worry guys, we were able to track down pictures of this WAG from her Twitter account. JUMP!

Apr 28, 2012

Cam Newton’s New Condo Purchase Proves How Brilliant This Guy Is [PHOTOS]

While the rest of the football world is gushing over Andrew Luck and RGIII, our guy Cam Newton just keeps going about his business. The guy doesn't bother with the clubs, dirty chicks dragging his name through the meat grinder or make dumb purchases that'll Hoover vac his paycheck. Charlotte media types went nuts yesterday over the news that Cam has closed on a $1.6 million condo. His neighbor? Michael Jordan. JUMP!

Apr 26, 2012

NFL Draft Cheerleaders: Andrew Luck’s New Biggest Fans In Bikinis! [PHOTOS]

Andrew Luck might have the least social game of a #1 overall draft pick since Eli Manning was picked by the Chargers and later traded to the Giants. Sure, Luck has all the tools on the field. "Makes the reads," as Todd McShay likes to remind us. Blah, blah, blah. Anyway, enough of the analysis crap, let's get down to business with the cheerleaders who'll be shakin' it for Goofy. Want to rattle Goofy? Throw a bikini chick in his face. JUMP!

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Apr 22, 2012

The DJ Steve Porter 2012 NFL Draft Mix Is Out [VIDEO]

DJ Steve Porter has made some great mixes for ESPN (like the Randy Moss' "One Clap" video) and this one is no different. DJ Steve Porter just came out with one for the 2012 NFL Draft and it did not disappoint. The draft this year starts this Thursday and it looks like the first pick is already locked up with the Indianapolis Colts picking Andrew Luck to replace Peyton Manning.   JUMP!

Florida Super Bowl Party Ends With 1 Dead, Police Hunting Killer [Cuff ‘Em]

Via: Police said it all started with an argument at a home near the intersection of U.S. 17/92 and State Road 434 in Longwood Sunday afternoon. Police said the gunman shot 25-year-old Donnie Shepard in the back, and then ran off. Police said a second man also ran out of the apartment with him. Investigators told WFTV the suspect is a black male. He is described as 300 pounds and taller than six feet. Wait? Before the game even started? Afternoon?

Feb 6, 2012

Here’s A Super Bowl Snack Stadium With Sideline Signage [PHOTO]

BC reader AA sent this Super Bowl snack stadium to us last night: Please find attached a picture of our Super Bowl Snack stadium from last year. Dip bowls in the corner and the exterior was made of peanut butter and pretzel logs. This is what we love about America and football. In what other sport do you see fans creating stadium snack shrines? These people spent hours on this masterpiece only to destroy it over four quarters on a Sunday night in February. Full size pic - JUMP!

Jan 31, 2012

New England Patriots Super Bowl XLVI Cheerleaders: Lauren [PHOTOS]

While ESPN and the rest of the experts are busy breaking down the same video they were breaking down last week, Busted Coverage has been been researching the Patriots cheerleader squad. Been breaking down film. Analyzing cheerleader bikini shoot videos from July. Since the Giants are old school and don't have cheerleaders, the Patriots cheerleaders get special treatment this week. Up first: sideline reporter hopeful Lauren. JUMP!

Jan 30, 2012

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Jan 30, 2012

30 Greatest Super Bowl Snack Stadiums [PHOTOS]

Ever been to a Super Bowl party & the food tray is the same old spinach dip, Doritos, guacamole, pretzels sticks & Twinkies? You aren't going to the right SB parties. The new craze is to take those snacks & build an epic stadium that'll leave your friends gasping for air after laying eyes on a guacamole field stripped with sour cream. And they'll be mesmerized by the Twinkies for stadium lights. Get your grocery list ready, it's Super Bowl Snack Stadium Food Porn time - JUMP!

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Jan 29, 2012

Cam Newton Is Having A Real Good Time At The Pro Bowl [PHOTOS]

Cam Newton is known for his smile, his gags, and also that he is a touchdown machine. Of course he has his visor turned upside down. Mike Wallace had a ridiculous mohawk in his introduction picture. Ben Roethlisberger looked as uninterested as possible in his sideline interview. All of this went down as the AFC took on the NFC in the NFL 2012 Pro-Bowl. Check it after the JUMP!

Jan 22, 2012

Vernon Davis Jumped On A Camera Stand In Celebration [PHOTOS]

Jay Glazer explained to us how the New York Giants handwarmer bags were filled with Shamwows to keep their hands warm in these cold conditions against the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship. The NFC showed up the AFC today where they brought Kristin Chenoweth who killed the National Anthem. Vernon Davis also got on top of the camera stand for a celebration. JUMP!

Jan 22, 2012

Tom Brady Talking Sh*t To Ray Lewis’ Face [VIDEO]

Do you know what I wouldn't do if I were a quarterback in the AFC Championship? Talk shit to Ray Lewis' face. The guy allegedly stabbed a guy in a club and is known as being one of the most ferocious players in the game. Well that is exactly what Tom Brady did after he picked up a first down when the New England Patriots took on the Baltimore Ravens.  Video after the JUMP!

Jan 22, 2012

Steven Tyler Botched National Anthem At AFC Championship Game [PHOTOS]

Do you know who you shouldn't pick to sing the National Anthem? Steven Tyler in a terrible Patriots sequin shirt. I'm surprised the Foxboro crowd didn't boo him out of the stadium. Joe Flacco had the worst facial hair possible in the AFC Championship between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. Flacco also looked like he was going to pass out in the pre-game huddle. Check it out after the JUMP!

Jan 21, 2012

Vernon Davis Already Planning NFC Championship After Party [PHOTOS]

Vernon Davis is already planning his victory  party directly after the NFC Championship Game. Sounds pretty cocky to me but I didn't catch the game winning pass in my last game against the New Orleans Saints. The San Francisco 49ers host the New York Giants this Sunday. Will this be shittiest party ever or one that sends them to the Superbowl? Check out the invite instructions and the full picture after the JUMP!

Jan 21, 2012

Greatest Baltimore Ravens Logo Haircut You’ll See All Day [Morning Twitpic]

Kevin the Intern's first experience on the Las Vegas Strip included a porn club promoter - at about 2 a.m. PST - asking KTI if he wanted "titties in his face." Good start to the trip. Relax ladies, KTI isn't swooned that easy. He wanted to grab a early bird 3 egg breakfast instead. As for what's happening in the sports books this weekend, the line is still -7 Pats & 49ers - 2.5. Matt the Screencapper is with you this afternoon. Enjoy! (via @faaamos)

Jan 15, 2012

Jon Heder’s Frozen Ass At Packers-Giants Promoting Napoleon Dynamite [PHOTOS]

We are introducing the Aaron Rodgers' face. This is what happens when you miss a wide open receiver and you are forced to settle for a field goal. It is a look of pure anger and frustration. Cheer up Aaron, the cast of Napoleon Dynamite was in the crowd to watch you in this playoff game. Of course FOX plugged this in for their new show that starts tonight. I doubt they give two shits about the Green Bay Packers or the New York Giants. JUMP!

Jan 15, 2012

Little Kid Gives The Camera The Middle Finger Salute [PHOTOS]

Name these old farts at M&T Bank Stadium where the Baltimore Ravens took on the Houston Texans game. What the hell are kinda gloves are they wearing, what is that in your hand, and what the hell is kind of helmet is that? Also spotted in the crowd were two Texas cowboys in the crowd. I guess it's true, only steers and queers come from Texas.There was also a girl in the crowd with a mustache. JUMP!

Jan 14, 2012

Tim Tebow Pouts On Sidelines During Patriots Game [PHOTOS]

The Denver Broncos are getting pounded by the New England Patriots in Foxboro where Tim Tebow was pouting on the sidelines during the rout. Bill Belichick bundled up in his hoodie making him look like a Jedi warrior from Star Wars. It's going to take a miracle to even give Tim Tebow a chance to have "Tebow Time" where he can lead a comeback. I doubt this is easy to do when it's 26 degrees out. JUMP!

Jan 14, 2012

Douchebag 49er Fan Holding Defense Sign All Wrong [PHOTOS]

Not only is the "D Fence" sign played out, it's not even being held right by this guy in the crowd. I'm pretty sure that is a necklace too with a backwards hat. Everything about this guy screams giant douchebag. Also seen in the crowd while the San Francisco 49ers took on the New Orleans Saints was a middle aged woman wearing a wrestling mask. Now that is dedication. JUMP!

Jan 14, 2012

Greatest Denver Broncos Playoff Weave We’ve Seen All Day [Morning Twitpic]

As seen at the Broncos spirit rally held in downtown Denver yesterday. Just look at the precision artistry. The mouth. The eye. The perfect color. Homegirl easily stole our hearts with this kind of emotion towards her Broncos. And baseball wonders why it's dying a slow death. As for the gambling lines, the 49ers are getting more action and the line moved back to +3.5. Guess what team the wiseguys are on? Just read the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Let's get rolling!

Jan 12, 2012

Wanted: Tennessee Titans Fan Being Hunted By F.B.I. [Cuff ‘Em]

Via the F.B.I. Knoxville bureau: Today, the Knoxville Division of the FBI launched an electronic billboard campaign seeking the public’s assistance to help identify a serial bank robber active in East Tennessee. The individual is suspected of robbing of at least three banks in Tennessee. He is possibly in his 30s and has been wearing a baseball cap during each of the robberies. We're thinking former college footballer, possibly o-lineman. Nail him:

Jan 9, 2012

ALERT: Flying Tim Tebow A 7-1 Underdog At Derby Lane Tonight!

Our hero, Flying Tim Tebow is back on the track tonight at Derby Lane where he'll move up to the Grade A division tonight in the 10th race. Greyhound racing insider George Quinn emailed us today: "[Flying Tim Tebow] will definately need "Tebow Magic" to win in a top Grade A race 10 tonight at Derby Lane. He is a solid racing greyhound, spending most of his time in the top 2 grades (A and B)." What are we talking about? Yes, this is real. JUMP!

Jan 9, 2012

Porn Star Bibi Jones Doesn’t Like Tebow’s Virginity [PHOTOS]

You know what's fun about the 2012 NFL playoffs? A porn star who might or might not have had sex with the New England Patriots tight end and also hates Tim Tebow's virginity. These are the soap operas that bloggers such as Busted Coverage live for on a weekly basis. Bibi Jones is back this week and she dropped a bomb on Tebow fans last night. "There is something I just don't like about tebow...Ugh he is so annoying," she writes. Porn vs. God. We're in. JUMP!

Jan 9, 2012

20 Greatest Big Ben Fedora Hate Tweets

Of course America was watching Baby Jesus pull off the miracle victory over the defending AFC champions. But were you watching the post-game presser where Big Ben decided it would be the logical move to show up in this sweet fedora? Twitter was watching and reacting. From rape references, to Tom Landry references, to 'hide your women' references, to 'who is his stylist' references. America went nuts and we were there to aggregate. JUMP!

Jan 9, 2012

Big Ben Vs. Turdball: Who You Got? [Morning Twitpic]

We warned you guys that when all the money (80%+) in Vegas is on one team and the line barely moves, you're in big trouble. Last three NFL Division champions to be home underdogs on Wild Card Weekend: Chargers (vs. Colts), Seahawks (vs. Saints) and Broncos. All three were BIG underdogs and all three won outright. Denver now goes to New England where they are +13.5 dogs. In other news, Harvey Updyke was on Bourbon St. last night. Let's get rolling!

Jan 8, 2012

Orlando Franklin Looks Mentally Handicapped In His Introduction Picture [PHOTOS]

Orlando Franklin of the Denver Broncos looked "special" in his introduction picture against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Trust me Orlando, the cross eyed look is not a good one. What the hell is that on Tebow's lip? If he weren't a virgin, I would guess it's an out break of herpes. Might want to use some concealer Tim. Broncos fans dressed like idiots and more after the JUMP!

Jan 8, 2012

Introducing The Coughlin Face of Pure Frustration [PHOTOS]

You've heard of the Manning face and even the Brady face, well here is the Coughlin face. It's a face of a man who just seems like he hates to be alive and nothing pleases him. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman called the game where Joe looked a little too excited to be there. The Atlanta Falcons and the New York Giants basically had no offense whatsoever in this game which created the infamous Coughlin face. Eli Manning also pegged his Offensive Lineman in the head. JUMP!

Jan 7, 2012

Little Kid Fans Taunt Detroit Lions With Sign [PHOTOS]

Whoever raised these kids deserves a 'Parent of The Year Award'. These kids made a sign that said "Here Kitty Kitty" and look like little thugs doing it. This is just great television. The NFC Wildcard playoff came down to the Detroit Lions and the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome where the fans dressed absolutely insane (as usual). Matthew Stafford also still has his mother dress him apparently.  JUMP!

Jan 7, 2012

Roger Goodell Forced To Sit By Himself At Wildcard Playoff Game [PHOTOS]

You know nobody likes you when you are the commissioner of the NFL and no one wants to sit with you. You'd think if you had some extra tickets and free popcorn to a playoff game between the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals, you could probably find some hot chick to enjoy the game with you. Brian Cushing showed up in the intros to make us all wonder if he really did do steroids. JUMP!

Jan 7, 2012

BCS Festivities Include Goalpost Curb Stomping This SUV [Morning Twitpic]

This isn't some sort of Photoshop job from New Orleans this morning. It's the real deal. That goalpost really is going through an SUV, thanks to the photographic work of @MsPotts_ESPN. Now, let's talk NFL gambling. The O/U on the Saints-Lions game is sitting at 59. 85% of the money is on the over and the O/U has yet to move. Guess where the wiseguys will be betting this spot? Games: Cin-Hou is on NBC at 4:30 and Det-NO is on NBC at 8. Plan accordingly. Let's get rolling!

Jan 6, 2012

Arian Foster Gets Texans Logo Shaved Into His Hair [PHOTO]

You know how we know it's playoff time in the NFL? Players are getting logos shaved into their heads. At least Arian Foster is. Texans OL Duane Brown tweeted this shot earlier today. Check out my dawg @ArianFoster cut! #ReppinToTheFullest. You know what sucks for white guys? Contrast. You see any white guys getting NFL logos shaved into their heads? No, because our asses are either bald or just don't look good with pale skin & a logo in our hair. Just sayin.'

Jan 6, 2012

Radio Host Gets This Tebow Tattoo After Losing Bet With Caller [PHOTOS]

Denver radio host Mike Evans has a new tattoo thanks to Tim Tebow. The sports-talk host for 104.3 The Fan made a bet earlier this year with a caller that the Broncos would never get to eight wins. The Broncos were 2-4 at the time and Tebowmania had yet to sweep the nation. Evans put a Tebow tat on the line. Well, yesterday was payoff time. As you can see, the tat is a cross between NASCAR and virginity. More photos - JUMP!

Jan 6, 2012

Mike Vick Wants Eagles Fan To Know He’s Golfing Today

Heat wave! It's going to be 60 today in the Philly region and that means one thing for Eagles QB Mike Vick: golf. Poor Eagles fan. You had the superteam all set to win a Super Bowl and now they're golfing on sunny January days. Your QB hasn't even been on winter break for seven days and he's already indirectly digging at that wound. That's usually what Bengals player would do to us - in October. More of Mike Vick talking golfing - JUMP!

Jan 6, 2012

WAGs Of The 2012 NFL Playoffs [PHOTOS]

Face it, if you don't have a team in the fight during the 2012 NFL Playoffs there are a couple of factors that make you watch: the love of football, gambling, it's winter and the fantasy that one day you'll have an NFL caliber WAG sitting on the couch with you watching Broncos-Steelers. What a crop of ladies we have this year. Eric Decker brings in Jessie James. Matthew Stafford has girlfriend Kelly Hall. Wes Welker has a Hooters Miss International GF. Helluva strong class of WAGs kick off the only season that matters tomorrow at 4:30 when the Bengals face the Texans. The journey to Indy is on. JUMP!