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Dec 17, 2011

Gronkowski’s Porn Star Bibi Jones Hitting On Dan Patrick [PHOTOS]

Remember the porn slut who was hanging with Rob Gronkowski back in October? That would be Bibi Jones and she's back with some interesting news. She's now hitting on NBC, SI & @dpshow host Dan Patrick. There has even been one helluva offer thrown on the table from Ms. Jones. Sex. Dan might be 55-years-old but there is something that Bibi is turned on by. The snarkiness? The silver fox hair? A guy who can talk sports into her ear during shower sex? JUMP!

Dec 16, 2011

Cardinals Kicker Jay Feely Probably Not On Sam Hurd’s Snitch List

Just threw it out there last night on Twitter. What name on the Sam Hurd snitch list is going to absolutely floor us? Readers chimed in with names such as: (the obvious) Tebow, Ditka, Lovie Smith, Dungy, Romo, Michael Irvin, etc. But then there was Jay Feely's name thrown into the mix. For those of you who don't know, Feely is conservative & takes his tweeting very seriously. He's mega-Republican and could be considered kooky to you liberals. JUMP!

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Dec 16, 2011

Packers Fan Lost In Georgia Pops Up At Falcons-Jags Blowout [Morning Twitpic]

Asked this last night on Twitter: Why have the Jacksoville Jaguars have been on primetime at least 14 times this season. Still waiting on an answer. Hell, throw Philly on a few more times. Or the Giants. Or the Jets. Or the Steelers. What else is going on this morning? How about this bro pulling a knife on his college classmates over something a chick posted on Facebook. Jesus Christ, where you at Bowl Week? Dying over here. Let's get rolling!

Dec 15, 2011

23 Best Black Guy Reactions To Sam Hurd Drug Bust

This Sam Hurd drug bust fiasco is the story that just keeps giving. His name is easy to spell. He has that NFL job and incredibly serious charges on his head thanks to the DEA. By now you've heard that Sam was pretty much running a gigantic drug distribution network, according to the Feds. This sent black America into a frenzy. It's the thing of dreams. Black guy makes the League, seems to be livin' the life and then gets popped accepting kilos of coke. JUMP!

Dec 15, 2011

Brett Favre Just Hanging At Basketball Game By Himself Tonight? [PHOTO]

We're still efforting the intel from the little gangsta tweeter, @_ButtaMilk8_, who uploaded this shot of Brett Favre at some basketball game. Butta Milk typed about 45 minutes ago: Brett favre in our gym. Yes, the photo is all kinds of grainy but that's the typical Favre formation with the arms crossed and sporting a giant watch. This retirement thing doesn't seem to be going too well. Doesn't have a sports bro to hang with him at games. Kinda sad. Updates to follow.

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Dec 15, 2011

An Open Letter To Tim Tebow From Jesus Christ On How To Beat The Patriots

It's now clear that Jesus Christ is on the side of Tim Tebow. No human has ever had so many miracle NFL victories with such little talent as Baby Jesus. You think Steve Young had miracle victories at 25 in the NFL? Pffft. He was getting killed as a Tampa QB. Eh, 5-11 in 1990 & nearly run out of Denver. That was after Super Bowl runs. Today we call on Jesus to coach Tebow throw this Sunday's game against Hoodie & the evil Pats. JUMP!

John Clayton Has A Skullet [Morning Twitpic]

So ESPN decided tonight was a good night to throw football guru John Clayton onto a set for the 'NFL Insiders.' There we were drinking in a West Village bar when all of a sudden Clayton was being shown from the profile view. A pair of balls hanging from his chin and that skullet just rocking harder than a soccer mom at a Taylor Swift concert. Clayton was sporting what the kids call a 'skullet' these days. The bald look with the full neck hair. It's for the man who's in denial. Let's get rolling!

Dec 15, 2011

Lindsey Vonn Jersey Chasing Tim Tebow Or Robby Tebow?

....counting down the days until the 2012 ESPYs when Tim Tebow and Lindsey Vonn announce that their relationship is on and that they "were just friends for at least 8 months" before taking things to the next level with friendship bracelets and Lindsey getting Tim's letterman jacket. The more we look into Vonn's antics back in November, the more we think she's been up to something with this Tebow character. Does it matter? It does if Baby Jesus helped break up a marriage. JUMP!

Dec 14, 2011

Gheorghe Muresan Meets Danny Woodhead [PHOTOS]

Danny Woodhead is 5' 7" short. Gheorghe Muresan is 7' 7" tall. The two bros met this week and put to rest what it would look like when Woodhead met Muresan. It looks about like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar meeting Olivia Munn earlier this year. One's tall, the other is short. Of course this becomes a freak show that flies around the Internet because you guys have the thoughts rolling around in your empty brain whether Woodhead could kick Muresan's ass. Full shot - JUMP!

Dec 13, 2011

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Dec 13, 2011

Will Lindsey Vonn Steal Tim Tebow’s Virginity? [PHOTOS]

Enough of the bullshit, Vonn. We're onto you. You file divorce papers against your hubby in November & by December you are in the Tebow family box eyeballing Baby Jesus, watching him take the Broncos to first place in the AFC West. Will you put your hand on the Bible that you haven't given Tim Tebow a boner over the last 30 days? Will you claim that Tim Tebow hasn't put his throwing hand down your Spyder vest? Is it Christian of you to leave a marriage for Tebow? JUMP!

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Dec 13, 2011

Tim Tebow Inspiring Horrible Wig Stores To Use Trendy Name [Morning Twitpic]

This place really exists at the Westgate Mall in Amarillo, Texas. Totally checked it out and that's not some sort of Photoshop job (via @garypmoore). Tebowmania sweeping all the way into the black chick wig market. Can't stop him. It's useless to try. In other football news, how bad was last night's game for the gambling community? Even the loser degenerates who never miss a gambling opportunity didn't drop money on it. Get your asses out of bed & rolling!

Dec 12, 2011

Patriots’ Cheerleader Brittney-Lynne Stanley Honors Man’s Dying Wish [PHOTOS]

We didn't know Gus Henrickson. Never met him. Never received an email from him. No communication with him. Nothing. But after reading how he died this fall, and his dying wish, Busted Coverage feels like Gun Henrickson is what this site is all about. The passion for hot women was part of his life. The passion for football was in his blood. If blogs would have been invented 45 years ago, Gus would have been a trailblazer. Gus had one final request this fall. This!

Dec 12, 2011

Rookies Bar ‘Home Of The Texans’ Has DJ Yates On Signage [PHOTO]

Bigger insult to TJ Yates: the Bengals comping his family tickets to yesterday's conference clincher just a couple of rows from the top of the stadium or Rookies bar in Woodlands, Texas mistaking him for DJ Yates? Oh, and Rookies bills itself as the Home of the Texans. We're going with the bar. The stupid family should have just moved down 45 rows or so. How the hell does a sign guy destroy the starting QB's name? Massive mistake. Great catch from @MarlOVO5.

Dec 12, 2011

BC Now 1-0 As Part Owner Of Green Bay Packers [Morning Twitpic]

That's right, bitches, we start throwing around money, snapping up shares of the Green Bay Packers and the train just keeps on chugging. And for those of you assholes on Twitter saying we'd get our asses kicked for wearing a #00 OWNER jersey into Lambeau, what do you say about this bro spotted by CBS cameras? In other NFL news, Brian Urlacher is running his mouth about Baby Jesus. A good RB? Dude just worked your ass. C'mon, Bri. Let's get rolling!

Dec 11, 2011

Sunday Night Football: Introducing The Romo Face [PHOTOS]

You've no doubt heard of the Manning Face, well this is the Romo Face. It occurred directly after Tony Romo backed into his end zone and was subsequently sacked. Jessica Simpson is probably responsible for this. New York Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs also jumped over a Dallas Cowboys' defender and did his best superman impression. DeMarco Murray went down with an injury that looks to have him out for the rest of the season.  JUMP!

Dec 11, 2011

Green Bay Packers “Lambeau Leap” Driving Whities Nuts Like Normal [PHOTOS]

The undefeated Green Bay Packers took on the Oakland Raiders at Lambeau Field today where the Green Bay "cheeseheads" in the crowd did not fail to dress insanely crazy. Packers receiver Brian Taylor got his first reception and also his first "Lambeau Leap". Carson Palmer looked lost against this Green Bay defense and his wide receivers did not exactly help him out  JUMP!

Dec 11, 2011

The Redskins Cheerleaders Sported American Flags On Their Bottoms [PHOTOS]

Rex "Rextacy" Grossman aka the "Sex Cannon" and the Washington Redskins faced off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Grossman spent most of his time on his back or missing his receivers against the stout New England defense where the sound of booing filled the stadium. Rob Gronkowski made a spectacular catch in which most of the defense thought he was down. JUMP!

Dec 10, 2011

Jimmy Johnson (Sorta) Falls For Our Trouser Trout Twitter Shenanigans

Before you guys start calling us morons, we mangled trouser on purpose to try to sneak this one on Twitter by Jimmy Johnson this morning, but the ball coach was onto us. Sorta. For those of you who follow Jimmy on Twitter, you know that JJ will pretty much answer everything from his fans. Today was a test of how far Jimmy will go to share his insights with us. How did he fare? Handled our shenanigans like a champ. JUMP!

Dec 8, 2011

Prime Time & Cold Ass Up In This Waffle House, Pittsburgh [PHOTO]

Deion Sanders and his Parisian scarf knot have been parading around Pittsburgh today (NFL Network 8:20 kick) and even stopped into this Waffle House before the sun came up this morning. Said Prime Time: "What time is it? Its Primetime and i am at the House! PITTSBURG [sic] im coming reluctantly because its freezing there." Of course Prime hasn't stopped bitching about the cold ever since. "Y'all pray for Prime! I'm about to go fight this Pittsburgh cold." (via @DeionSanders)

Dec 7, 2011

Ex-Eagles Cheerleader Beverly Lynne Now Softcore Porn Star [PHOTOS]

Beverly Lynne Hubscher was just another Pennsylvania girl looking for a way out. Well, after a stint as a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, she figured she'd found one. Off she went to Hollywood. Fast forward to a few years later and she's doing softcore porn. Now she's Beverly Lynne, the self-professed "Queen of Late Night." We're sure you've seen her work. Here's her story and, you got it -- some photos. Check it!

Dec 7, 2011

Worst Tim Tebow Centaur Tattoo You’ve Ever Seen? [PHOTO]

So this Tim Tebow Time centaur tattoo is floating around today and seems to be legit, even though we have a hard time believing someone would waste flesh on such a sh!tty design. Seriously, you can't even see Tim's face? What kind of garbage tat is that? And how many fingers are on that football? Seven? Now that our emotions are out of the way, this is exactly what we love about the Internet. Dude gets 15 minutes of fame, yet lives with this the rest of his life. (via @angelicaaaap)

Dec 7, 2011

Mike Singletary’s Dainty CA House Getting Cheaper; $3.3 MM [PHOTOS]

Mike Singletary wants out of California bad. We don't blame him. His time as San Francisco 49ers coach was littered with stupidity, both on and off the field. The former Chicago Bear has been trying to unload his Saratoga home since July and the price has just dropped for the third time. Would someone please buy this place already!? If you don't mind the stench of failure, it's actually becoming a pretty good deal. Check it!

Dec 7, 2011

Teacher Jennifer Rotella Having Bathroom Sex At Bills Game – Updated [PHOTO]

Her name is Jennifer Rotella. She's a teacher in Lockport, New York which is outside Buffalo. She was at Sunday's Bills game and happened to be arrested for having sex inside a Ralph Wilson bathroom with a teacher, Michael France, who happens to work in the same school district. France's wife told a local news outlet that her husband was arrested outside a bathroom. Um, honey, we hate to break it to you but your husband was boning Jen in that bathroom. JUMP!

Dec 6, 2011

Fan Stabbed At Ravens-Browns Game Shows Wicked Wounds! [Video]

Cleveland Browns fans are having a crappy season. Their team is 4-8 and all the promise they showed toward the end of last season has faded. Perhaps no Browns fan is having a worse season than Mike Dobriansky, though. Dobriansky went to Sunday's game to watch his team lose to Baltimore and... get stabbed in the bathroom. It wasn't a good day. Here's Mike telling his story and showing his 'wounds.' Check it!

Dec 6, 2011

Brady Quinn Is The Biggest Pussy Clipboard Holder – EVER! [Tweet]

Brady Quinn had this to say about 25 minutes ago: "Weekly workout and adjustment with @LorenLandow and Dr.Caldwell! Thanks for keeping me in line!" Bro, cut the bullshit. You get out of bed, figure out what 'cool' shirt to wear that day, jump in the Hummer, go to practice, slam a few pom smoothies and run the scout team. No defender touches you - ever. Then on Sundays you hold a clipboard for Baby Jesus. You make us sick. Sincerely, BC.

Dec 6, 2011

Drunken Matt Leinart Tongue Banging His Friend’s Ear; Plus Herbstreit! [PHOTOS]

Now, before you guys start emailing us "That photo of Matt Leinart muff diving his buddies ear is like 4 years old," just know that it's new to us. And if Matt Leinart tonguing his buddies ear is new to us, it's new to the thousands of loyal BC readers. We have obligations and that includes giving you a photo that includes Leinart, Kirk Herbstreit and Harold Reynolds. Yes, probably one of the craziest drunken pic combos in BC history. JUMP!

Dec 6, 2011

Busted Coverage Now Owns Part Of Green Bay Packers

It brings us great joy to announce to all of you, and the Cincinnati Bengals, that our new football allegiance is with the Green Bay Packers. Are we jumping on the 12-0 bandwagon? Well, you have to after plunking down $250 to buy a share of the team, right? It was somewhere around 9:15 a.m. EST when Busted Coverage became the proud owner of 1 share of the Packers. First order of business: get a cheesehead, right? (Want to buy a share?

Dec 6, 2011

Creepiest Skullet Jeopardy Contestant Of All Time? [Morning Twitpic]

From everything we can gather, Creeper McGee was grinding last night on Jeopardy. Just look at that face. The Beard. The half 'stache. The Skullet. You know Creeper runs an after-hours sex den outside Boston. There is his sophistication(al) look, yet the animal inside. Destroying Dostoevsky by day, dropping panties afterdark. Someone get us Creeper's real name. We're his new biggest fans. In sports news, people are asking if the Broncos are the new 'America's Team.' Let's get rolling!

Dec 5, 2011

Apparently No One Got The Memo That The Jaguars Were Playing Monday Night Football Tonight [PHOTOS]

The Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers were featured on Monday Night Football and apparently no one in the city of Jacksonville wanted to support their team that just had their head coach fired. The Chargers Tight End literally jumped over a Jacksonville defender while the Jaguar Dancers cheered on the sideline. I probably wouldn't show up either if my team was just sold. JUMP!

Dec 5, 2011

Ordering Kevin The Intern’s Christmas Gift This Morning [Morning Twitpic]

Of course he wanted cash and/or gift cards, but Kevin The Intern is getting this t-shirt for Christmas. In fact, we're ordering one for all the BC staffers: Matt in Buffalo, Monty in L.A., photo editor Big Gay Rich, Joe Student and even the new screencapper guy ParadigmShift35. All of them. Busted Coverage is officially on the Tim Tebow bandwagon all the way through the playoffs. That's right, playoffs. Look at Denver's schedule. Only one loss on it. Let's get rolling!

Dec 4, 2011

The Undefeated Packers Get Tested By The New York Giants

The Green Bay Packers were down to the New York Giants early but holy shit is Aaron Rodgers accurate when he tied the game up at 7-7.  The New York Giants even set up this T-Rex on the train to intimidate the Packers. Let's see if it actually works. Vic Ballard gave his best Trollface ever. If that face doesn't give the New York the chance to knock off the Packers, I don't know what will. JUMP!

Dec 4, 2011

Tebowmania Broke Out In The Broncos Vikings Game

Rookie Quarterback Christian Ponder and the Minnesota Vikings took on the Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Tebow and Ponder were arch rivals where Tebow went to Florida and Ponder went to Florida State. No one paid attention to the fact that Von Miller was out for the game and everyone went into full Tebowmania mode. These two girls drove 315 miles through a blizzard for the guy.  JUMP!

Dec 2, 2011

How To Buy Stock In The Green Bay Packers: BC Investigation

The Green Bay Packers will start selling stock in the team on Tuesday. That means you can be one of the hundreds of thousands of people who own a piece in the greatest franchise in pro sports history. Despite all that hyperbole, we're serious. You really can be an NFL owner. The Packers are publicly-owned and they are selling stock. It won't make you rich, but you can totally one-up your bros. They only own Broncos Jay Cutler replica jersey. Here's the rundown, including a special tale from the shareholders meeting.

Dec 2, 2011

Pull Your Pants Up You Stupid Little Jerkoff [Morning Twitpic]

There was a 4th and 1 from inside the Seahawks 10 last night for the Eagles and Brad Nessler made sure to tell us that "This could be the season for the Eagles." Excuse us while we clean up the mess created when a boot was inserted through the television and straight up Nessler's ass. Hey, asshole, that was a 4-7 team last night with their backup QB. Could be the season? They would've had to run the table to 'possibly' make the playoffs. Cut the shit, Nessler. Let's get rolling!

Dec 1, 2011

Raiders LB Rolando McClain Popped A Cap Next To Dude’s Ear!

When will the Oakland Raiders start being the Oakland Raiders again? It's now! Linebacker Rolando McClain was arrested for brandishing a gun and... well... some other shit too. You wanted thugs on your Oakland Raiders instead of those fakers and scumbags in The Black Hole that embarrass you? Well, you've got it (allegedly)! McClain allegedly fired a gun next to some fool's ear because... well... if nothing else, he plays for the goddamn Raiders!

Nov 29, 2011

Archie Manning All By Himself Today For Lunch In Oxford [PHOTO]

Via Friends of the Program who know Oxford, Mississippi and have sources in each dining spot. Taken on the Square in Oxford today…Archie Manning taking in an important business lunch at Ajax (if he didn’t order the vegetable plate then I have no confidence in his decision making) with the leading candidate for the Ole Miss head football coaching position. Hmm, he's not needy like we always assumed. Also looks like a sweet tea & water guy. Green beans?