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Jul 8, 2011

Busted Coverage Cribs: Ex-Broncos’ LB Allen Aldridge Selling This Insane House

We had all but forgotten about Allen Aldridge until today when we were up to our normal Google searches for NFLers & NBAers selling houses. Aldridge was a Super Bowl champion with the Denver Broncos and made $3,000,000+ in his final year (2001) with the Detroit Lions. Not exactly a household name these days, imagine our shock when we found out this is what the ex-linebacker is trying to sell. Um, looks like somebody was smart with his NFL cash. JUMP!

Jul 8, 2011

Joe Flacco Wedding Photos Are Douchier Than You’d Expect [Photos]

Joe Flacco, as we told you a couple weeks ago, got hitched this summer and there was a wedding photo embargo that was officially pulled today. Not content with the typical wedding party photos, Flacco and his bride went whimsy. Busted Coverage Associate Editor Monty isn't buying the act and has had enough of Flacco's New Jersey 'Situation' act. Get ready for Joe to get destroyed and more pics - JUMP!

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Jul 6, 2011

Roy Williams’ Ex Brooke Daniels Dumps WR For U. Of Houston Infielder [23 Photos]

Brooke Daniels, the former Miss Texas being sued by Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams, has apparently gone from the majors to the minors. Daniels is now dating University of Houston infielder David Murphy and his .241 batting average. Our editors, as BC always does, went the extra mile and dug deep to figure out how a Houston baseball player is hooking up with Roy's ex. Dude goes from the bench to this. JUMP!

Jul 5, 2011

Cedric Benson’s Pool Party: Bikinis, Booze & No DUI For Ced [68 Photos]

Our Austin tipsters pointed us in the direction of Cedric Benson's house last night where there was a huge pool party & chance for ladies to scope out Ced's pad. The bash came complete with a theme name "Top of the World Independence Day Pool Party," an open bar, glow necklaces and a DJ spinning House. A bright spot in all this for Ced, the Bengals & NFL? No DUIs and/or headlines on TMZ! 68 photos from the bash at Ced's - JUMP!

Jun 30, 2011

Here Is Carson Palmer’s Cincinnati House That He Just Sold [14 Photos]

Cincinnati media is going nuts today over the news that Carson Palmer's suburban 5,500 sq. ft. house has sold for $1,915,000. The 5 bed, 5.5 bath house has "Pool, Spa, Golf Green, Pond & Lush landscaping" according to the real estate listing. From what we can see, it's also a pretty boring pad. But this is the sign, for most Bengals backers, that the QB is serious about this plan to never play for the team ever again. The house was bought for $2mm & change in 2003. Pics - JUMP!

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Jun 29, 2011

Cam Newton Destroys Vegas: Throwin’ Bones, Riding Scooter & Stylin’ [Photos]

Our boy Cam Newton was in Vegas over the weekend for the Warren Moon Sports Dream Foundation Charity reception with other luminaries such as Michael Irving, Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis, Too Tall Jones, Eric Dickerson, etc. But the big news for Busted Coverage was that our future meal ticket (in case you didn't hear, we own his BCS pants - value skyrocketing!) was having some bro time with his big brother Cecil Newton Jr. at the craps table. Go crazy, SEC Nation!

Roethlisberger Wedding Registry $5,000 Still To Buy; BC Splurges On Napkin

It's the summer of wedding gift registries around here. First it was our purchase of a knife sharpener for Tony Romo's nuptials, then a $25 napkin for Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries and now a $5 Lenox napkin for Ben Roethlisberger's wedding. The big news, right now, surrounding the Roethlisberger ceremony has to be the nearly $5,000 in gifts THAT HAVEN'T been bought for the Steelers multi-millionaire QB and his fiance Ashley Harlan. Details - JUMP!

Jun 27, 2011

Wes Welker Still Dating Hooters Model Anna Burns [24 Photos]

Wes Welker and Anna Burns are still together. The two were first outed way back in January of 2010 & relationship updates could be literally counted on one hand. So imagine our glee this morning when we saw Dickie V. with the couple at this weekend's Miss Hooters International pageant. Burns has a non-existent online profile and Welker hasn't updated his Twitter account since May 28. We actually beat the Boston Globe to a gossip piece! New photos of Anna - JUMP!

Jun 27, 2011

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Employee Arrested In Child Sex Sting [Photos]

BC associate editor Monty sent us this dispatch: I was pretty sure there couldn't be anything funny about a middle-aged dude trying to have sex with a minor, but then I watched this video of now-former Tampa Bay Buccaneers' luxury seat manager Brian C. Weiss, who was arrested Sunday. The 38-year-old Weiss traveled to Clermont, Fla. with the intention of meeting a 14-year-old girl's guardian, who would then allow Weiss to have sex with the girl. Screencaps! JUMP!

Jun 23, 2011

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Jun 22, 2011

Reggie Bush’s New Girlfriend Looks Like Which Kardashian? [24 Photos]

If you said Kim Kardashian, you've just won a fabulous washer/dryer set! Actually, no. We're not giving you anything, but former USC and probably soon-to-be former New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is dating a woman who looks exactly like his ex, Kim Kardashian. How much does she look like The Giant Ass? They could be sisters. A closer examination - PHOTO Gallery! JUMP!

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Jun 21, 2011

$12,000 For Tim Tebow Sculpture – Seriously! [Photo]

Now think about this for a second, some sculpture artist named Franco Castelluccio has been working on a Tim Tebow piece that he hopes will bring $12,000. Don't misunderstand us, art is wonderful. The BC office has a couple of beautiful pieces we've picked up on trips to Santa Fe. We also understand that there is this thing called exploitation. How dare Franc play on the emotions of the hundreds of thousands of Tebow worshipers. Don't do it, people. It's just Timmy breaking a tackle. JUMP!

Jun 20, 2011

Blaine Gabbert NFL Lockout Fishing Expeditions Roll On [Morning Twitpic]

Our buddy Brandon over at BroBible, who considers himself a big fisherman, begins his day by checking Busted Coverage so let's give him something this Monday morning to wrap his head around. Of course Brandon doesn't care that Jacksonville Jaguars draft pick Blaine Gabbert is about to choke on his fly fishing pole. LOOK at that Rainbow! Nice one, eh Wenard? First thing ladies see is Blaine's runway good looks. First thing a fisherman zones in on is that fatty. Full shot after the JUMP!

Jun 17, 2011

Hayden Panettiere’s Dating 7th Rounder Scotty McKnight & His Douchey Cap [12 Photos]

Hayden Panettiere likes athletes, that we know. After breaking up with heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko, Panettiere has moved on with former University of Colorado and current New York Jets receiver Scotty McKnight, a seventh-round pick in this year's draft. Is Hayden out of her mind? This loser will be lucky to make the practice squad! Photos! JUMP!

Jun 17, 2011

NFL Lockout Time Waster: Packers Superfan Ashlynn Brooke [32 Photos]

We're about 6 weeks out from the start of NFL training camps and still don't have a labor deal. At this point we're running out of lockout stories and stupid updates on Tim Tebow so let's mix it up today. Burnt Toast Editor Peter Burns suggested we spend some time chatting on Twitter with former porn star Ashlynn Brooke about the Packers and football in general. Great idea! Take the time today to fire off a question to this Oklahoma Sooners & Green Bay fan. A chick talking football to you should ease the pain of this stupid lockout.

Jun 16, 2011

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Do Singing Bee Mad Libs Game Show [10 Photos]

PR guy Brad emailed us this week with this message. "I hope you are well! I just wanted to let you know that six Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders will be featured on Friday night’s episode of The Singing Bee, CMT’s highest rated original series. The cheerleaders will compete in this karaoke-style game show to win $10,000 for their chosen charity." Who cares about the charity? Cheerleaders playing Mad Libs karaoke? We're all in. Play along at home! JUMP!

Jun 15, 2011

Falcons’ Man Of The Year Christopher Owens Bleaches Baby Mama’s Jewelry?

Not since closet crapper Najeh Davenport have we heard about a football player (allegedly) doing anything this crazy. Atlanta Falcons cornerback Christopher Owens, a 2009 draft pick from San Jose State, is being investigated for trashing his ex-girlfriend and baby mama's apartment. Of course she ran off to TMZ bitching and complaining. Sounds fishy to us. Jaded baby mama? Full details of the trashing - JUMP!

Jun 14, 2011

Seahawks Take Kris Durham After Photo Of WR Jumping Over Mom Surfaces

You know what gets an NFL GM excited? A wide receiver who can leap over his 6-foot-2 mother and still have clearance to make the landing. That guy holding the photo of former Georgia WR Kris Durham skying over his mom is Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider, who's in charge of building a team that can go 9-7 and make the playoffs. Schneider had an interesting draft strategy this year. He took a guy who never visited the team, but did send them the photo you see above. Full shot - JUMP!

Jun 12, 2011

Boss Move: Jim Irsay Sends Case Of PBR To Twitter Follower [Photos]

By now it's clear Colts' owner Jim Irsay is the most engaged NFL exec using Twitter. The guy is well-known for his contests that have even gone as far as sending followers to the Super Bowl. But how cool would it be for an NFL owner to send you a case of beer, a signed letter containing a $100 bill & that sweet Colts visor cap? Yes, Jim Irsay sent one follower a case of PBR this week. That's the coolest hipster NFL move we've ever heard of. Photos - JUMP!

Jun 11, 2011

Here Is Ed Hochuli Pumping Up The Gun Boats During Lockout [Morning Twitpics]

Stop for a second and think of all the out-of-shape, overweight, pork bellied 60-year-olds you know. Then segue to these two photos of NFL referee Ed Hochuli this week being stalked at his gym by San Diego radio reporter Marty Caswell. She tweeted early in the week, "Stalking, er being aggressive, does pay off. Ed Hochuli, interview at the gym, happens tomorrow...." Um, like, of course we want to see Ed ripping a couple sets. Who's up for some tricep work? PIC - JUMP!

Jun 9, 2011

Tim Tebow Golf Update: Call Him “Two-Gloves Timmy” [Photos]

Want more Tim Tebow golf photos? We do too because you guys are going nuts over Adonis and his physique, but it's time to move on to other Tebow golf news. After looking through 30 or 40 photos from the St. Jude Classic Pro-Am and noticed a very strange nugget. Look at those hands. Two gloves! Two friggin' gloves! Google "two gloves PGA." Folks, you are looking at the birth of a trend. Next time you hit the course and see a guy wearing two gloves while putting, think "Two-Gloves Timmy." More pics - JUMP!

Jun 9, 2011

Laron Landry Has Been Working Out Photos [Morning Twitpic]

Little sumthin' sumthin' this morning for all the new female readers who have descended upon Busted Coverage to see Tim Tebow's forearms. It's not a secret that Washington Redskins DB Laron Landry loves his body, especially the gun boats. L2 (yeah, we're really too white to be using such terms) went Yfrogging yesterday and tweeted a few shots of how the body is holding up during the lockout. Gallery - JUMP!

Jun 8, 2011

All-Time Worst NFL Cheerleader Calendar Shoot Locale – Ohio River! [Photos]

So, yeah, we've been hammering this Colts cheerleader beat to death over the last two days. Yesterday it was a profile of the crazy, alcohol drinking rookie Kaley who'll be making her NFL debut if the lockout ever ends. Today we happened upon outtakes from last year's Colts' bikini calendar shoot and have determined that photographing chicks along the Ohio River has earned the team honors in the "All-Time Worst NFL Cheerleader Calendar Shoot Locale," contest. Yes, that bikini chick is holding a piece of driftwood. PHOTOS! JUMP!

Jun 8, 2011

OMG! Tim Tebow Hits A Golf Ball & Our Chins Hit The Floor [Photos]

Our friends at Sportress of Blogitude published a Twitpic this afternoon of Tim Tebow swatting golf balls at today's St. Jude Classic Pro-Am. Not content with just copying SB's post, we went hunting for other shots of Adonis gun-boating on the golf course. Ladies, please hide the husband and kids. You are going to lose it when you see what we found.

Jun 7, 2011

Lions’ Rookie Mikel Leshoure Tattoos Detroit Lions Logo On Arm [Photo]

NFL players do stupid things on a fairly regular basis. Detroit Lions rookie running back Mikel Leshoure is getting a head start on his career in the "dumb" department. Leshoure, who played his college ball at Illinois, recently decided it was a good idea to decorate his left arm with a Detroit Lions logo, which doesn't appear to be one of those rub-on tats. Full shot - JUMP!

Jun 7, 2011

Colts Cheerleader Kaley Collier Risque Pics Just What NFL Needs [19 Photos]

We've had it with all these NFL cheerleaders who bore us to death with their fancy careers, charity work and anti-drinking stance. Thankfully the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading team awarded a roster spot to rookie Kaley Collier. Tipster Jeff writes, "Fellas, you have to see this chick I know who made the Colts cheerleading team. I'm in love." Jeff will need to fight us to virtually marry this Indiana native. And from what we can tell she didn't even go to college! Love it! PHOTOS - JUMP!

May 31, 2011

Tony Romo’s Odd Wedding Band Choice – Steel Panther!

News out of the Tony Romo wedding just keeps getting better and better. First, Busted Coverage showed you how the $66mm QB had $20 items on his gift registry. Then there was the report that pizza and ribs were served. But the home run of the evening had to be the Romo wedding band choice, none other than Steel Panther who sports such classics as Eatin Ain't Cheatin', Asian Hooker, Party All Day (#$%# All Night) and our all-time favorite Thar She Blows. How do we know Panther played the wedding? See after the jump.

May 27, 2011

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Dirty Bird Bikini Shoot In Bermuda

While there are reports of the Atlanta Falcons cutting the pay of front office staffers back home in Georgia, the Falcons cheerleader squad is in Bermuda busily compiling a photo dossier that'll serve as the official 11-'12 swimsuit calendar. Like we care if some secretary had Arthur Blank cut her pay by 15%. Deal with it, losers. We have cheerleaders in bikinis to look at and from what we can see from the first two days this should be an interesting calendar. Chain link fence outside a gun range is a nice touch. See what's doing with this up-to-the-minute compilation gallery. JUMP!

May 27, 2011

BC Buys Tony Romo & Candace Crawford Knife Sharpener For Wedding

Back in 2007 Tony Romo signed a six-year, $67.5 million contract to remain with the Dallas Cowboys as their franchise...

May 26, 2011

Say Hello To Ndamukong Suh’s Gumball 3000 Mercedes Ride [Photos]

You've been warned Europe. If you see a 300-lb. giant black dude barreling down the road over a course that'll take Ndamukong Suh from London to Istanbul over the next 7 days, please get out of the road. The Detroit Lions DT will be driving the Mercedes you see here, starting just a few hours ago, against the likes of Bode Miller, Tony Hawk, The Hoff, Christian Slater and other Euro names you wouldn't recognize here in the States. More photos of Suh's insane ride - JUMP!

May 25, 2011

Tim Tebow Meets Bono At Denver U2 Concert [Photos]

While other NFLers are busy having parties with porn stars at Miami clubs, Tim Tebow used his Saturday nights to hang with the likes of Bono during U2's Denver stop on its 360 tour. Ray Lewis, now famously, predicted NFL players would resort to acting like fools if this lockout goes much longer. Not Tebow. We're still hunting for pics, stories, tips of this guy falling off the tracks and so far nothing. NOTHING! No bad influences, no alcohol at a U2 concert. Tebow and Bono - JUMP!

May 24, 2011

New England Patriots Cheerleaders Invade Aruba For Bikini Calendar Shoot!

It's officially NFL cheerleader bikini calendar season! That's right, no stinkin' lockout can stop NFL teams from sending their ladies to exotic locales to shoot a calendar that'll serve as a remembrance if the 2011 season is lost to a lockout. That's why this year's bikini calendar season is critical. All two-pieces are on deck. From our count the New England Patriots will have at least 24 cheerleader members and staff in Aruba this week to pound out a killer calendar. (Still efforting to figure out if Alexa Flutie is on this trip.) The initial crop of Aruba shots - JUMP!

May 24, 2011

Have $24,000,000 Laying Around? Buy Troy Aikman’s Texas Estate!

Yesterday we showed you Ray Allen's $3.7mm, 6 3/4 bath Seattle house that's be on the market. Now comes word that Troy Aikman is selling his $24,000,000 Texas mansion that happens to coincide with news in January that the former Cowboys' QB and his wife were splitsville. It's believed that this is the most expensive house in the Dallas area on the market right now. Take a peak at the house details - and the mortgage calculator - after the JUMP!

May 23, 2011

RB Garrett Wolfe Arrested, Bloodied After Refusing To Pay Miami Beach Bar Bill

And we have a winner for 'NFL Running Back Mug Shot Of The Week' thanks to Bears' RB Garrett Wolfe not paying a bar tab at a Miami Beach bar. Dude is a free agent, refusing to pay a tab and then attacking off-duty police officers. In other words, as you'll see, Wolfe's NFL career is probably over, but he'll always have this infamous arrest pic and those drunken eyes. Bro was in town for Heat-Bulls and this happens. Full story of Garrett's tussle - JUMP!

May 19, 2011

Here Is How Mark Ingram Is Getting Paid During The NFL Lockout

This one goes out to all you dorks who still buy trading cards, specifically the fellas who are into the cards featuring jersey swatches. You might be getting ripped off because Mark Ingram probably won't wear #80 in the NFL, making the cards that are eventually manufactured from this signing event worthless in our eyes. But, who are we to ruin your fun or tell you what to do with that cash? We just paid $1,525 for Cam Newton's BCS Championship pants.Full shot of fatty! JUMP!

May 16, 2011

She’s Probably Not Making 2011 Cowboys Cheerleader Roster [Photos]

Wait just a minute, honey, who told you it was a good idea to subject yourself to a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tryout over the weekend? Those aren't your friends. Are you serious? Did you not have something better to do with a Saturday besides waste an afternoon? Look, we totally understand the 'living a dream' scenario but this is just irresponsible because now you're about to go viral across the Internet because there are hundreds of thousands of white guys just waiting to rip on some woman living her tryout dream. Take this summer and lose 85. Come back stronger in 2012. More photos of the Cowboys cheerleader tryouts...JUMP!

May 16, 2011

Tim Tebow Virginity Tracker: The Jockey Chick [Photos]

Tim Tebow was in New York City over the weekend at Macy's doing work for his Jockey sponsorship deal, which meant event organizers had the chance to throw a model in her underwear onto a stage with Mr. Virginity. Guys, we've tracked this guy hanging with chicks and this is the very first photo of Tebow with a chick showing this much skin in the last two years. Imagine that for a second. Not a single public image of this dude with a bikini chick or even a woman in a short skirt. Of course this guy takes his virginity seriously. Step back, ladies, this guy is playing hard to get.