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Jun 1, 2012

Cheerleaders Of The Houston Dynamo: Sorta Like The Laker Girls Of MLS [PHOTOS]

Our old friend in Houston, Scott, really wants you to see the 2012 crop of Dynamo Girls. In case you didn't realize it, certain teams in the MLS have cheerleaders that perform the normal routines at halftime and act as spokesmodels in the community. Normal stuff. But the Dynamo Girls are different. They're actually hot. Shakin' it on the MLS level isn't exactly a big career jump for a cheerleader. However, in Houston, it's quite an honor. JUMP!

Nov 7, 2011

Eva Amurri & MLS Analyst Kyle Martino Husband Forced To Watch NFL!

You've heard the name Eva Amurri via her pole work on Californication and the name Susan Sarandon. Yeah, it's her daughter. Anyway, Amurri last weekend married MLS analyst Kyle Martino. The two lovebirds are on their honeymoon and all Martino wanted to do yesterday was drink fruity drinks, admire his new wife's insane rack in a bikini and watch soccer. Instead he tweeted a pic of his wife watching the NFL. JUMP!

Sep 6, 2011

David Beckham’s “Twenty Three” Porsche 911 Is On eBay [PHOTOS]

It's one of the more cryptic famous eBay listings we've come across over the the last three months. The listing, via Ryan P. at Beverly Hills Porsche, won't name David Beckham directly, but a Google search reveals that this 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet used to belong to the washed up MLS stud. Known around Beverly Hills as the Batmobile, it originally sold this summer for $227,000 to some Middle Eastern movie legend. JUMP!

Houston Dynamo Girls The Laker Girls Of The MLS [37 Photos]

So the guy who sent us the Houston Texans Jewish twins gallery contacted us last night & wanted BC readers to see his work covering the intricacies of the MLS Houston Dynamo Girls. In his email, Scott wrote, "I realize some people hate soccer but these pics help open minds." And then there was a link. Waiting for us? A 253 photo gallery. We were aware of the girls but had really never investigated fully. Let's just say that the ladies are the Laker Girls of the MLS. GO! JUMP!

Aug 17, 2011

Chivas USA’s Michael Lahoud Is The New Old Spice Guy [Video]

You know you love Isaiah Mustafa's Old Spice commercials. Chivas USA's Michael Lahoud has a nearly spot-on impression of Mustafa in this promo for his team. It's so good it will make you want to buy tickets to a Chivas USA game. Check it after the JUMP!

Aug 4, 2011

Looks Like Ronaldo Fan Wants To Grab Beer After Chivas Match [Morning Twitpic]

Our friend @bubbaprog was up to his usual good work last night during a 3-0 Real Madrid blowout of Chivas in the World Football Challenge. No way we'd be sticking around a 2-0 match in the 75th minute, but Bubba plowed ahead and earned himself this masterpiece from Real chick. We're pretty sure in San Diego that gesture means 'Let's grab a beer and talk penalty kick strategy after the match.' Can't wait to see her Facebook updates.

Jul 21, 2011

Jul 14, 2011

Real Madrid Golf Cart Hits Woman, Stops, Keeps Going At UCLA Campus [Video]

Real Madrid is currently training on the UCLA campus for its upcoming friendly against the L.A. Galaxy and it has people in a frenzy. How big of a frenzy. You have to see this woman come out of nowhere to run in front of a Real golf cart on its way to/from practice. Of course there is a low-speed collision. Of course the lady goes flying. Of course the Spanish media was there to record it and as of 2:45 p.m. EST has 428 comments on this video. JUMP!