Did Miss Washington USA & Former Lingerie Football Player Stormy Keffeler Stab MLS Player?

Did Stormy Keffeler, Miss Washington USA 2016 and Seattle Mist Lingerie Football player, stab a MLS player during a December incident at a Seattle apartment? Marco Pappa, who then played for the Seattle Sounders, was found by police with a stab wound to the abdomen.
Stormy, according to a KING5 law enforcement source, offered different stories on the incident. There have been no arrests. Pappa has since been traded to the Colorado Rapids.
This has all led to drama on the pageant circuit. Will Washington pageant officials pull the former LFL lineman’s crown? Will she be arrested in the Pappa incident? She was already arrested in April 2015 for a DUI. Now this. And she’s representing Washington as a Broncos fan. Not kidding, it’s right there in her Twitter bio.
Even a pageant official doesn’t know what to do with Stormy right now.

“I was not aware of this until somebody sent an email last week,” said Francisco. “I know she is very remorseful. At this moment people want to know, will she remain Miss Washington USA or will there be a new Miss Washington USA.”

Something tells me this won’t be the last we hear from Stormy.

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