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Jun 14, 2017

Buy This Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Bus — $8,500

Believe it or not, the L.O.B. Seahawks bus above isn’t being used for tailgating but as a personal business to...

Jun 12, 2017

Buy this Cleveland Browns Tailgate Van — $6,000

The Browns may be coming off a super depressing 1-15 season, but according to they are “winning the offseason”...

Jun 11, 2017

DeAngelo Williams Trains For His First Professional Wrestling Event

More football players should do this post-career

Jun 10, 2017

The Patriots Super Bowl 51 Rings Have 283 Diamonds

Just making Falcons fans wounds deeper

Jun 7, 2017

Buy This Nebraska Cornhuskers Chevy Silverado — $4,500

We’re still over two months away from the start of college football season, but Nebraska fans can get ready for...

Jun 6, 2017

NFL Network Was Not Ready for Marshawn Lynch

Dropped some F-bombs, nothing crazy.

Jun 6, 2017

Hoodie Has No Time For Tom Brady Concussion Questions

"That's what we have medical staff for."

Jun 5, 2017

Buy This LSU Tailgate Pickup Truck — $5,000+ on eBay

Protip: If you’re an LSU fan who’s been eyeing the Tigers themed 1954 Dodge truck above on Craigslist, do yourself...

Jun 4, 2017

Gronk Intercepted And Spiked A Bride’s Bouquet

You expect this when you send that invitation to Gronk's house