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Football - page 13
Mar 14, 2016

Cody Kessler Lands Hot Ukrainian Model Girlfriend Valeriya Kuklishyna

Smart move by a guy who'll likely be in camp with the Browns.

Mar 14, 2016

Gronk & His New Hair Slayed The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Gronk, fresh off a week where he was outed (allegedly) for motorboating some random chick with a big rack, was...

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Someone Wants to Play for the Browns: Colin Kaepernick

On the heels of roasting the Cleveland Browns’ college experience, ESPN’s Adam Schefter delivered some brighter news on Friday: someone...

Mar 11, 2016

Adam Schefter Destroys the Browns

"Four years and done."

Mar 10, 2016

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Mar 6, 2016

Here’s Bill Belichick’s Unofficial Trump Endorsement

We now know the whole Patriots organization is pretty firmly behind Donald Trump in this presidential election. First it was...

Mar 4, 2016

Oregon State OL Blake Brandel Breaks a Swing

So 282 pounds is too much for a swing.

Mar 4, 2016

More NFL Combine Questions: Do You Like Men?

Falcons coaches getting weird.

Mar 3, 2016

Dolphins Cheerleaders Holding International Auditions in Brazil

With the NFL in offseason mode, you’d expect that most cheerleaders are back to working their normal jobs, but that’s...

Mar 3, 2016

Johnny Manziel Buying Jewelry in Miami

Random Dwayne Bowe sighting as well.

Mar 2, 2016

Jim Harbaugh-Trump Coaches First Base For Tigers

Another week of making fake news for Harbaugh-Trump.

Mar 1, 2016

Johnny Manziel Makes It Rain On Strippers

Johnny is so out of Cleveland now!

Feb 29, 2016

First Look: Gronk Monster Energy Can

Monster/vodka time! STAY HYPED!

Feb 29, 2016

Aaron Rodgers, Bob Kraft Take Girlfriends To The Oscars

Big night for the NFL in Hollywood.

Feb 28, 2016

Lane Kiffin And His Wife Layla Are Getting A Divorce

Remember those rumors about Lane Kiffin and Kristen Saban that took over Twitter for a day after Alabama lost to...