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Athlete Real Estate - page 4

Aug 11, 2015

Take a Tour Inside Christian and Sam Ponder’s Phoenix House

Considering the barrage of Bay Area photos that Sam Ponder posts to Instagram, you’d assume she and Christian would be...

Aug 10, 2015

Buy Bart Oates’ New Jersey Home — $2.75 Million

The guy from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" is selling!

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Aug 8, 2015

Buy Josh Childress’ Irvine Condo — $1.35 million

Remember Josh Childress? As a Hawks fan, I do, he was the 6th pick in the 2004 draft and supposed...

Aug 3, 2015

Buy Adam Dunn’s Gated Texas Home — $4.49 Million

If you are into home runs (and lots of strikeouts), you are likely missing former slugger Adam Dunn this season....

Aug 1, 2015

Buy Andy Roddick And Brooklyn Decker’s Los Angeles House — $3.395 Million

I remember when Brooklyn Decker was all the rage in the modeling world. Before Kate Upton, before Charlotte Mckinney, there...

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Jul 26, 2015

Buy Justin Smith’s San Jose House — $2,888,000

Justin Smith was a part of the string of 49ers players who weirdly all retired right around the same time...

Buy Mark Mulder’s Flagstaff Mansion — $1.435 Million

  Remember when Mark Mulder tried to make that comeback last year and signed with the Angels and then immediately...

Jul 25, 2015

Brandon Marshall Selling His 5-Star Resort Florida House – $4,495,000

  Ahhh, a beautiful resort in Florida. A beautiful pool. An outdoor paradise. A suspended fish tank. Outdoor party spots....

Jul 23, 2015

Tim Couch Selling His Massive Kentucky Mansion — Just $4,750,000

  I guess once you decide to sell a nearly 13,000 square foot house it means that you’re downsizing, especially...

Jul 21, 2015

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Jul 18, 2015

Buy New Colorado Avalanche Defenseman Fracnois Beauchemin’s Tustin House — $3.499 million

I don’t know jack about hockey. I mean, I’ll get into when the playoffs roll around, but that’s about it....

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Jul 13, 2015

Buy Evan Longoria’s Gorgeous Scottsdale Home — $999,500

Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria wasn’t voted into the 2015 MLB All Star game, but something tells us...

Jul 11, 2015

Buy Darren McFadden’s Oakland House — $2.3 Million

Darren McFadden is a Cowboy now and he’s tasked with replacing DeMarco Murray in Dallas this year, which isn’t exactly...

Jul 8, 2015

Buy Matthew Stafford’s Tasteful Georgia Townhouse — $1.275 Million

It’s been an offseason to remember for Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. In April, he married his college sweetheart, Kelly...

Jun 30, 2015

I Need Gio Gonzalez’s House With This Indoor/Outdoor Pool — $1,690,000

  I’ve seen nice athlete houses over the years (Pete Sampras’ $20 million pad comes to mind), but it’s rare...

Jun 30, 2015

Buy Riddick Bowe’s Sad Maryland Home — $599,900 (Foreclosure)

Riddick Bowe’s fall from grace has been well documented. In a New York Times article back in 2009, the man...

Jun 30, 2015

Mark Wohlers Is Selling His Pottery Barn Catalog House In Georgia — $1,675,000

  Ever wanted to live in a Pottery Barn catalog. I’m talking jump into a PB catalog with lots of...

Jun 29, 2015

Buy Isaac Bruce’s Boring Tennessee Home — Just $650,000

Before Isaac Bruce became Kurt Warner’s main target for The Great Show on Turf, he was tearing it up at...

Jun 27, 2015

Buy Reggie Bush’s Suburban Detroit Home — $2.49 Million

In case you didn’t know, Reggie Bush is a 49er now. Every Spring when free agency hits, everybody switching teams...

Jun 26, 2015

Buy Shaka Smart’s Colonial Virginia Home — $1.495 Million

  Sorry VCU fans, but we’re going to have put one final nail in the coffin for the Shaka Smart...

Jun 23, 2015

Buy David DeJesus’ Luxurious Chicago Home — $1.595 Million

If you’re in the market for a new house in Illinois and have some coin to drop, we’re going to...

Jun 23, 2015

NHLer Shawn Horcoff Is Dumping His Dallas House — Just $2,950,000

  It was announced late last week that the Dallas Stars wouldn’t re-sign the aging Shawn Horcoff — 37 in...

Jun 22, 2015

Buy Ryan Suter’s Modest Tennessee Home — Just $585,000

It’s been almost three years since Ryan Suter left the Nashville Predators to sign a 13-year, $98 million deal with...

Jun 22, 2015

Ex-Cavs Coach Mike Brown Is Selling His Suburban Ohio Dream House — $2.4 Million

  I guess this means LeBron isn’t firing David Blatt and bringing back Mike Brown, the guy who is still...

Jun 18, 2015

Buy Javale McGee’s Las Vegas Bachelor Pad — $849,900

If you asked me to guess what NBA players own property in Las Vegas where they spend their off seasons,...

Jun 16, 2015

Buy Warren Moon’s Classy Washington House Without A Front Yard — $1.595 Million

  Are you a Microsoft exec who has been looking to start living the quiet life as a rich dude...

Jun 15, 2015

Buy Rudy Gay’s Majestic Memphis Home — $2.2 Million

Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay has made over $73 million in his eight-year NBA career, so it should come as...

Jun 14, 2015

Rent Shaun White’s Encinitas Home — $12,500 (or $15,000)

It’s officially summer time now, which means it’s the perfect time to get yourself a summer beach house and kick...

Jun 10, 2015

Buy Poker Legend Eli Elezra’s Vegas House — $1,989,450

  I’ve been doing Athlete Real Estate for like three years now and have yet to dabble in houses owned...

Jun 9, 2015

Brady Hoke’s Ann Arbor House Is For Sale – $2,995,000

Plenty of room to spread out & cry after losing to Ohio State.

Jun 8, 2015

Buy Joe Smith’s Arizona Mansion W/Big Gym – $2,750,000

  Joe Smith made $61,220,796 during his NBA career so he could afford some of the finer things in life...

Jun 7, 2015

Buy Nick Hardwick’s Off-Season Indiana Home

In case you haven’t heard, former Charger offensive lineman has been in the news recently. I say former because he...

Jun 6, 2015

Rent Scott Brooks’ Former OKC Rental

Scotty Brooks, the recently fired Oklahoma City Thunder head coach, has moved out of his OKC rental and now it...