No One Wants To See Neutral Site College Football Games


College Football became one of the most popular sports in the United States for a few good reasons. Whether it be from having pride in your university or the loyal support from those in the state supporting the name across the front of the uniform. College sporting events are an excellent place for fans to come together and celebrate their teams while cheering against heated rivals. Seeing a rival come to your team’s home field always bring a certain buzz to the event. However, money is now taking center stage when it comes to where these games will be played. But hasn’t it always?

On Wednesday, it was announced that Michigan State and Penn State will finish their season in Detroit at Ford Field. The Friday night kickoff will be what would have been the Spartans final home game of the season. Now, the team will play their final game in East Lansing on November 4th, when they welcome Nebraska to town. The move puts the Spartans and Nittany Lions in primetime. However, the announcement doesn’t fit what college athletics should be.

There’s nothing better than tailgating with friends and family. The atmosphere at an actual home game will far outweigh seeing two conference rivals play in an NFL stadium. Spartans fans have been robbed of giving Penn State a raucous environment to which they would be welcomed to if the game was at Beaver Stadium. Now if you live in East Lansing and want to watch the season finale of your Spartans, take the hour-and-a-half trip to Detroit.

College sporting events were meant to happen on campus. The NCAA has already made this mistake with numerous non-conference games in college basketball. Yes, it has been happening in college football for a while. Including those opening weekend games. However, the announcement of this game just feels like we are entering a new era of college sports. An era that this geriatric millennial doesn’t want to be a part of. Leave the games in their respective towns. The opportunity to experience watching your team on your field makes college football elite. Crushing a hard seltzer in a parking lot in Detroit will not slap the same if you’re a part of Sparty Nation. Neutral Site regular season games are not this nation’s backbone.


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