Whose Narc Father Isn’t Allowing Tailgating At The College Football Championship?

Los Angeles - February 12, 2022: SoFi Stadium and lake night exterior


What’s the best part of college football, you ask? The atmosphere. Nothing better than walking around the parking lot before a game getting your glizzy on, or watching your buddy have one too many knowing that he won’t be seeing kickoff.

For those looking forward to the College Football National Championship next week, we received some terrible news. Those of you who have been planning what you were going to bring to your tailgate can go ahead and tear those plans up. SoFi Stadium has announced that tailgating isn’t allowed for the big game.

I get it. California residents probably didn’t realize that college football was an actual sport. Residents may believe the term tailgating is meant for sun-tanned rednecks who are mad at others’ driving skills and are looking to ride the back end of their new Tesla.

I’m sure Georgia and TCU fans can’t wait to shell out $17 every time they want a… Stella Artois? I also hear that $17 chicken strips and tater tots pair well with that $17 Rose you can secure at the concessions. Heads up to security, let the folks bring in their shots of Jim Beam and Fireball.

I have no dog in the fight, but what are we doing here? The National Championship is the culmination of it all. TCU will be making their first trip to the big game in my lifetime, and we’re not going to allow their fans to enjoy the entire experience.

Maybe I should make a call to SoFi Stadium and plead the case of all the fans making the journey. I’ve tailgated with Georgia fans in Lexington. They’re good people. Give these fans the opportunity to celebrate the big game. Don’t make them spend their life savings on overpriced beer and “souvenir soda.”

SoFi, what is you doing, baby?

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