The 5 Best Moments Of The Bobby Petrino Era At UNLV


Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. Other times, it’s actually not hard at all. Someone who has never struggled with saying goodbye is former UNLV head football coach Bobby Petrino. Not even a month after accepting the gig, Petrino has decided to take his talents to College Station and become the offensive coordinator for Texas A&M.

If I had only one guess on which coach would skip town without coaching a down in the 2023 regular season, I would put all of my Chuck E. Cheese tokens on it being Petrino. So he may not be the most loyal guy. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have a great run with the Rebs. Here are the 5 best moments of the UNLV-Petrino marriage.

5. He Neva Lost

What do Lavar Ball and Petrino’s time at UNLV have in common? They both NEVA lost. It is true, Petrino never lost a game at UNLV. A statistic that will forever stand the test of time. UNLV has to be scrambling for answers after losing the only coach in program history never to suffer defeat.

4. Not Enough Time For Goodbye Letters

Not having a job longer than a month meant Petrino didn’t have enough time to remember all the names of his players and coaches. If you’re old enough to remember, Petrino once had the grand idea to leave the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the night.

The A&M offensive guru at least had the decency to leave emotionless letters for all the Falcons players. This time around, he wasn’t around long enough to buy the pens for his lovely handwritten goodbyes.

3. Christmas and New Year’s Eve In Vegas

You can’t tell me this guy didn’t have the perfect December. There was absolutely no real recruiting plan. Were there any assistants on staff? My guy was living it up in Sin City at the most wonderful time of the year. Can we make sure he stayed away from the UNLV Women’s Volleyball team?

2. No Neck Brace Meme Sequel

Petrino will forever live in internet history with the look of a man who looked like he was in a dust-up with Batman after his motorcycle crash in Arkansas. Petrino’s time with Arkansas was on the rocks shortly after the incident. No new neck brace has to be a win for the guy.

1. Let’s Be Serious: UNLV Dodged A Bullet

Bobby Petrino is a fart in the wind. He’s a dastardly cat that has spent 8 of its lives, as we all wait for the moment he uses the ninth one. I, for one, am SO ready to see Jimbo and Bobby P on the same sideline next season. UNLV, you’ll bounce back from this. Bobby always seems to.

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