Lane Kiffin Has A Little Fun With Mississippi Reporter Over ‘Breaking News’

OXFORD, MS, USA - JUNE 14: Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on June 14, 2013 at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. Originally built in 1915.


On Monday night, news began circulation on Twitter that Lane Kiffin was leaving Ole Miss for Auburn. For Kiffin, that was the first time he was hearing the news. As the news grew larger and larger, Kiffin decided to take the narrative and put it into his own hands. For WCBI News sports director Jon Sokoloff, it was probably better for him to log off once Kiffin entered the chat. Check out how Kiffin decided to handle the news below.

It didn’t take long after Sokoloff broke the news for Kiffin to reply. Kiffin quote tweeted Sokoloff’s original tweet with, “That’s news to me Jon. Nice sources.” Kiffin doesn’t seem to appreciate the rumor of his departure from Ole Miss to Auburn during the week of the precious Egg Bowl. The tweeting didn’t stop there. Kiffin decided to have a little fun with this one and continued to say he wasn’t going anywhere.

Kiffin brought his own news to Twitter when he tweeted that Jon Sokoloff was stepping down from his current role to take another position at a different station. Kiffin is far and away the best college coach on Twitter. He understands that nothing is real and people can say anything they want.

However, if this so-called “big news” is true, Kiffin may owe a few apologies to Sokoloff before putting on his War Eagle sweater.

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