$400k Of Meth Found In Condoms Stuffed In Pumpkins At Border

US Custom and Border Protection building in Washington DC


We may be closing in on Halloween, but meth pumpkins are not the move for the holiday.

A wild report surfaced this week when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection sent out a news release announcing it had seized $402,196 work of liquid meth that was placed in condoms that were then stuffed inside pumpkins.

The meth — which was nearly 44 pounds — was placed in 136 condoms and four pumpkins. They were discovered inside of a 2012 Ford Escape that was traveling from Mexico to the Eagle Pass port of entry in Texas.

“Our frontline CBP officers have seen just about everything and this Tuesday was no exception as they encountered liquid methamphetamine hidden within pumpkins,” Elizabeth Garduno, port director of the Eagle Pass Port of Entry, said. “They utilized their training, experience, and interviewing skills and uncovered a rather novel narcotics smuggling method in the process.”

The driver of the Ford Escape and the passenger were turned over to authorities for further investigation.

We always hear the phony reports about people handing out THC-laced candy to kids during trick-or-treating — even though no stoner is giving up their edibles for free — but it turns out it was pumpkins we should have been looking out for all along.

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