College Football 2022: 3 Biggest Stories From Week 0


College football made its triumphant return this past weekend. Fans were treated with a classic Big 10 noon kickoff in Dublin, Ireland, while the rest of Week 0 would be considered cupcake week for the rest of the power five conference team in action. Still, Week 0 gave us something to talk about as we all patiently wait for the full slate of games that are approaching this weekend. Here are the three biggest stories from Week 0.

3. Vanderbilt. Football School?

Being known as the academic school of a conference with the conversation focused on athletics is a place no program wants to be. Vanderbilt has long been nicknamed the “Harvard of the South,” which has no bearing to a football meathead like myself. However, the Commodores showed out Saturday with an absolute drumming of Hawaii. Vandy QB Mike Wright had a breakout performance in the 63-10 victory over Hawaii. Wright threw 146 yds and 2 TDs while using for 163 yds and 2 TDs. Late-night viewings of Hawaii could be a difficult task this season.

2. ACC Take Care Of Business

North Carolina and Florida State keep the headlines quiet heading into Week One after taking care of their inferior opponents this week. I’m one of those people who absolutely HATES cupcake games being on any team’s schedule. Spare me the “Well; it gives smaller schools more exposure.” I don’t care. Give me big matchups week in and week out. Nevertheless, Week One will give us more of these dreadful matchups.

1. Scott Frost Hot Seat

Even before Nebraska’s Week 0 game, head coach Scott Frost was already sitting in one of the hottest seats in college football. The pressure to bring Nebraska out of the basement and back to college football royalty doesn’t look like a task Frost will soon accomplish. The Cornhuskers choked an eleven-point lead to Northwestern after a questionable call to try and surprise the Wildcats with an onside kick that didn’t go Nebraska’s way. It’s a long season, but this isn’t the start you wanted to see if you’re a Frost stan.

The matchups weren’t great for Week 0, but if you were lucky enough to be in attendance for the game in Dublin, Ireland, you might have been able to grab some free booze. Week One will kick off on Thursday night, giving fans who are old enough memories of Big East Football when WVU and Pitt battle in the Backyard Brawl. Week One will bring more cupcake matchups but will also feature some heavyweight bouts. Is it Thursday yet?


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