5 Uniforms Every NFL Fan Wants To See In The 2022 Season


The New England Patriots unveiled a classic uniform combination on Wednesday, bringing back the red jerseys. The reveal got me thinking, what other jerseys would fans like to see. This list isn’t in a particular order, but here are five uniforms every NFL fan would like to see during the 2022 season.

5. Detroit Lions 90’s Blue Tops

When you think of the Detroit Lions, you have one player and one look in your mind. Barry Sanders in that blue top with the silver pants is simply iconic. The uniform combo desperately needs a comeback, and this season is the perfect time to go retro.

4. Philadelphia Eagles Kelly Green

The classic look is coming back in 2023, but the Philadelphia Eagles need to speed up the process and have those beauties on the field this season. The Kelly Green throwbacks are in my top 5 of the greatest NFL uniforms of all time. Do the fans justice, and bring these back immediately.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Creamsicle 

Another great uniform combo that we have to wait impatiently for is the creamsicle tops of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady seemed to be peanut butter and jealous when the Patriots revealed their red tops on Twitter. The world needs Brady in the creamsicle top before he actually does decide to hang up the cleats.

2. Buffalo Bills Red Helmets

One of the biggest misses in the NFL uniform world is not having the red domes in Buffalo. The red Buffalo Bills helmets are beyond iconic. I would love to see these helmets back on the field on a random Sunday while I eat my Flutie Flakes.

1. Seattle Seahawks 90’s Blue Top

Was I the only kid growing up in eastern Kentucky with a Seattle Seahawks Shawn Springs jersey? More than likely. The 90’s blue tops mixed with the green and silver put this Seahawks uniform on the top shelf of retro looks. Seattle, bring these back now!

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