NCAA Begins First NIL Investigation With Miami

Miami, Florida- October 6th, 2018, University Of Miami Hurricanes VS Florida State Seminoles college football game. Sebastian The Ibis Mascot


The NCAA has seen enough. For the first time since the NIL opportunities started in college athletics, the NCAA has opened an inquiry on Miami University. The NCAA began interviewing boosters of the university, including billionaire booster John Ruiz.

Ruiz had this to say on the allegations to Sports Illustrated, “I’m extremely comfortable with what we are doing. I have nothing to hide,” Ruiz even went further by saying, “It went super well. The NCAA is trying to wrap their hands around this sudden change of environment. They’re trying to figure out how the landscape is working.”

Just this week, the university landed a huge NIL deal with Topps to be the first school to partner with a trading card company that will feature Miami’s top athletes. Miami is the perfect setup to succeed in the era of NIL, which is why they are an easy target to the NCAA.

The transparency of the NIL rules has been an issue since the beginning. To be honest, I’m not even sure the NCAA knows what is right or wrong. The NCAA wants to reign in how big the piece of pie is that the athletes will receive. Miami just happens to be the first victim.


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