5 Schools That Will Benefit Most In College Football From NIL


The NCAA has finally moved into the 21st century by allowing college athletes to grab the financial gain they always deserved. Player income has seemed to already gotten under the skin of some of the big powers in the NCAA. Here are the 5 schools that will benefit most from NIL.

5. Texas A&M

The biggest story to come out of Summer college football is, without question, Nick Saban’s remarks about Texas A&M buying their players. Coach Saban’s belief that Alabama has never bought players is almost as pure as Bill Clinton saying he did not have sexual relations with that woman. A&M football has brought in the number one recruiting class in college football. The Aggies seem to be already reaping the NIL benefits.

4. Texas

The Texas football program has claimed to be back more than a character that has been killed off on Days of Our Lives. The Longhorns have a real opportunity to make a jump in the college football world with the benefits of NIL. With a future jump to the SEC, Texas will need any advantage it can get to be the fifth-best team in the conference.

3. Notre Dame

Another college football “juggernaut” that could really use the help to become an actual juggernaut again would be Notre Dame. The Irish have long starved for the chance at holding the biggest trophy in all of college football again. To do that, God may have to avert his eyes while the program begins to lay big bucks on the table.

2. Miami, FL.

A program that was giving money to players before it was cool, the Miami Hurricanes are in a prime position to take the lead on the NIL front. It would be hard for any 18-year-old to turn down millions while living in paradise in a beautiful location with the potential rockstar lifestyle staring them down. I’ll take $20,000 and still move there now.

1. USC

I can’t think of another program that will use the NIL benefits to a more significant advantage than USC. Lincoln Riley has already brought more life to the program than fans have seen in the last decade. Southern California weather, millions of dollars, and an automatic bid to the College Football Playoffs every year is too good to pass up.

In all honesty, if you’re one of those people against college players making money, the chances of you being a failed high school athlete or being an old fart who would have to walk fifteen miles to and from school during a snow day are very high. Let the kids play, and let them get paid.

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