The Atlanta Falcons Unveil Red Helmets For 2022 Season


The Atlanta Falcons gave fans of the franchise a gift they had longed for on Wednesday night. The team unveiled that on October 16th, the long-awaited red helmets make their triumphant return. Fans of the Falcons took to Twitter to express their excitement for the return of the red domes.

Without question, the red helmets make up for the blunder the franchise made with their new jersey reveal in 2020. Matt Haley and Scott Blair of dug into the celebration of the red helmets and how this look is meant to pay homage to the first team in Atlanta Falcons history.

It has been easy being a Falcons fan in recent memory. Losing the most memorable Super Bowl of the last decade and the departure of the two stars that led them to that game, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, this helmet release was desperately needed.

The NFL needs to be more open to the idea of adding more jerseys to the repertoire. While sports like the MLB and NBA have longer seasons to plan these things, the NFL is missing out on a massive marketing campaign. Maybe we, the fans, should start demanding more classic looks. God, that last sentence made me feel like an old man telling kids to “Get off my lawn.” Oh well, we want more classic looks, Roger!

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