Football Player Cut For Smoking Joint On Field To Celebrate TD (VIDEO)

We previously saw a USFL player cut for wanting pizza instead of chicken salad, and now a Fan Controlled Football League player has been cut for another hilarious reason.

Jason Stewart, a quarterback for the Zappers, left his team no choice but to cut him after smoking a joint on the field to celebrate a touchdown and shouting, “Blaze up my friends, blaze up.”

After his celebration, Stewart explained why he hit the joint.

While the FCF does not test for marijuana, the incident happened in Georgia, where marijuana is still illegal.

“Jason Stewart was cut from the Zappers for violating league policy. While the FCF fully supports player’s responsible use of cannabis, unfortunately it is still illegal in the state of Georgia and is banned by our venue and hotel property partners – so our policy of not allowing smoking at these sites is well known by all of our players,” the league said in a statement, via Total Pro Sports.

Stewart also commented on the situation.

So who will fill in for Stewart with the Zappers? Johnny Manziel has played two games for the team this season, so it will be interesting to see if he gets the call.

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