Charles Barkley Offers Solution To Poor Fan Behavior: Let Players Fight Them (VIDEO)

Charles Barkley thinks he has the solution to stop poor fan behavior.

After Chris Paul jawed back and forth with a Dallas Mavericks fan who allegedly pushed Paul’s mother and wife over the weekend, the Inside the NBA crew discussed how to bring an end to unruly fan behavior from belligerent fans who are sitting courtside.

Barkley had the simplest and most honest solution: let the players fight them at midcourt for five minutes.

Brilliant, Chuck.

“I’ve always said, ‘Hey, we can put an end to all this stuff.’ Some of this stuff these fans say, let’s take ’em right down to centercourt for five minutes. I’ve always said that,” Barkley said. “Some of the crap they said to you… just give me five minutes at centercourt with them.

“And say, ‘You ain’t gonna press no charges. Ain’t nobody gonna be sued civilly. Say what you just said to me, right here, to my face. I’m gonna beat your ass – beat the hell out of you.”

As for why Barkley would request five minutes to beat up an Average Joe, it is to really drive the point home.

Barkley said, “Oh no, I’m gonna take my time. I’m not gonna beat ’em up quickly. I’m gonna jab ’em a little bit, then I’m gonna lay the haymakers on they ass.”

Now, is this best idea? Of course not. Would it be entertaining? Absolutely. And in today’s age, we are learning more and more that fans are feeling entitled to say whatever they want to athletes and sometimes lines are crossed. Putting your hands on a player’s family is definitely one of those times.

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