Twitter Rightfully Roasts Baron Davis For Putting Ketchup On His Tacos

LISBON, PORTUGAL - NOVEMBER 5TH 2019: Baron Davis, former NBA basketball star with New York Knicks and the Golden State Warriors onstage at Web Summit in Lisbon.


There are some things you should keep to yourself, and Baron Davis found that out the hard way after oversharing on social media.

This week, the former NBA star decided he would share his food on Twitter — which we have all done — but it turned out to be a terrible decision because of his questionable decision to put ketchup on his tacos.

Now, as a man who celebrates Taco Tuesday each and every week, my stomach immediately turned when I saw this travesty. I’ve always been of the firm belief that no adult should use ketchup. In fact, no one over the age of 13 should use ketchup. It’s just sugar paste and anyone who can cook knows you don’t need it. That’s why a proper chef would never allow ketchup in their restaurants.

Anyways, it was nice to see the internet roasted Davis as soon as he decided to share.

Twitter is a ruthless place, so users immediately began roasting Davis and attempted to shame him into never making such a culinary disaster ever again.

Here are some of the best reactions.

Despite the overwhelming denouncing of ketchup on tacos, Davis doesn’t seem to be interested in changing his habits anytime soon.

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