Ex-Jaguars Kicker Josh Lambo Said Urban Meyer Kicked Him (Literally) During Warmups

Jacksonville, Florida USA November 8 2020 NFL Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars Josh Lambo


Former Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo is sharing his experience with Urban Meyer, and it isn’t flattering.

Lambo, who was released by the team after missing his first three kicks of the season, spoke with the Tampa Bay Times and recalled an interaction he had with the Jaguars head coach during practice ahead of the final preseason game.

According to Lambo, he was approached by Meyer who decided to kick him while stretching. Lambo notes Meyer would not refer to specialists on the team by their names.

“It was ‘Kicker, Punter, Long snapper,'” Lambo told the paper. “Or Sh*tbag, Dipsh*t or whatever the hell it was. I’m in a lunge position. Left leg forward, right leg back. Urban Meyer, while I’m in that stretch position, comes up to me and says, ‘Hey Dipsh*t, make your f*cking kicks!’ And kicks me in the leg.

“It certainly wasn’t as hard as he could’ve done it, but it certainly wasn’t a love tap. Truthfully, I’d register it as a five (out of 10). Which in the workplace, I don’t care if it’s football or not, the boss can’t strike an employee. And for a second, I couldn’t believe it actually happened. Pardon my vulgarity, I said, ‘Don’t you ever f–king kick me again!’ And his response was, ‘I’m the head ball coach, I’ll kick you whenever the f–k I want.’”

Meyer has denied the interaction took place as Lambo described.

Lambo said that he approached Meyer about the incident, but the head coach was not happy and said that if he spoke to him again that way he would be gone. Meyer was upset that Lambo confronted him on the field and not in private.

Lambo reported the incident to the Jaguars’ legal counsel through his agent. The Jaguars confirmed that, but he claims he never spoke to the legal team after reporting the incident which the legal team denies.

As for Meyer and the Jaguars’ success on the field, there hasn’t been much with the team sitting at 2-11 after being shut out by the Titans last week for their fifth straight loss.

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