Stephen A Smith Eviscerates Knicks In Epic ‘First Take’ Rant (VIDEO)

Stephen Smith attends Harold and Carole Pump Foundation Gala at Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA on August 20, 2021


Stephen A. Smith never hides the fact that he is a New York Knicks fan.

Early in the season when things were going well for the Knicks and the streets of New York were littered with “BING BONG” chants, Stephen A. was on ESPN’s First Take preaching that the Knicks have arrived.

But on Thursday, Stephen A. came with a completely different tune as he eviscerated the Knicks after the team suffered its fifth loss in seven games. Stephen A. also didn’t seem to appreciate Obi Toppin’s between-the-legs dunk that had everyone on their feet.

Stephen A. eviscerated the Knicks for being a “below average team” and essentially a bunch of bums who need to “sit down” and get their act together.

For his sanity, let’s hope the Knicks get back to their winning ways soon or that hairline is going to keep getting pushed further back. For our entertainment, let’s hope the Knicks keep Stephen A. flabbergasted.

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