NBC Pulls Olympic Curling Qualifying Event Stream Over On-Ice Sex Toy Ads

Erzurum, Turkey - March 24, 2016 : University students are playing curling during the Unilig University winter competitions March 24, 2016 in Erzurum, Turkey.


A curling event set to determine the final spots in the 2022 Beijing Olympics had its live stream canceled by NBC and other broadcasters because of on-ice advertising from a sex toy company.

EasyToys, which is apparently a leading Dutch sex toy company, was advertised at the Olympic Qualification Event in the Netherlands by showing their name and a basic, harmless logo. However, it was deemed too much for a large audience.

The live stream of the event was canceled in the United States and Japan.

Video shows the EasyToys advertising in the background which no one would notice if it didn’t create such a stir, so congratulations broadcasters, you just gave the company more publicity than they could have possibly asked for.

“Due to an unforeseen sponsorship conflict with the local organizing committee in Leeuwarden, the previously scheduled game between the United States and Japan will not be available on olympics.com,” a statement from USA Curling read.

“NBC is continuing to work with the World Curling Federation and the local organizing committee in the Netherlands. USA Curling will continue to update fans as more details become available.”

Event promoter Dagmar van Stiphout seemed confused by the broadcasters’ decisions.

“I’m not the right man to have an opinion what is normal in which country,” promoter Dagmar van Stiphout told the Associated Press. “I think they’re also surprised, but it’s best to ask them. We informed them which sponsors there are. I can imagine they are surprised about the reaction, but not surprised about the sponsors we have.

“Of course it’s a pity that it’s happening now. We will go on with the tournament. We do it for the athletes. We’ll carry on with the event.”

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