College Football’s Best Uniforms For Championship Weekend


A huge weekend in college football will start on Friday as conference championships will be underway. The College Football Playoff picture will be decided this weekend.

While teams want to play their best, it’s okay to want to look your best too.

Here are the best looks of conference championship weekend, and of course, a pair of awesome looks for next week’s matchup in East Rutherford, New Jersey for the annual Army-Navy Game.


Oregon football has long been the king of the best jerseys in all of college football. This weekend will be no different. The Ducks will be bringing the heat with their cookies and cream tops aka “Eggshell” as they seek revenge on Utah in the Pac-12 title game.

The Ducks will be seeking their third straight conference championship on Friday night.


Oregon’s opponent on Friday night will be bringing a little fire themselves when they step on the field. The Utes will be rocking an all-black look with white domes on their quest to dethrone an Oregon team that owns the Pac-12.

Utah played spoiler to the Ducks playoff dreams and now can finish their last hopes of holding hardware before bowl season.


The ACC Championship that everyone saw coming will be between Pittsburgh and Wake Forest. If you had money on this matchup deciding the ACC, congratulations on your new fortune, and be sure to let me know your favorite lottery numbers. Pittsburgh going back to their classic look in recent years has been the correct choice. A new generation is making their mark while giving fans a classic look they’ve longed to see.

The only thing standing in the way of the Cincinnati Bearcats proving they belong in the playoffs is a conference championship meeting with the Houston Cougars. The Bearcats will be decked out in a color that proudly represents the university and the historic MLB organization of the great city of Cincinnati. The Bearcats know what must be done, and one game is left for the program to create history.

Next Week – Army-Navy

The greatest rivalry in college football will take center stage next weekend as the two teams meet for the 122nd time. Both teams will be bringing heat next Saturday and easily will be wearing the two best uniforms of the entire college football year.

The hand-painted helmets for Navy are truly a thing of beauty.

The wait for this game is unbearable.

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