LOOK: Jim Harbaugh’s Literal Hot Seat Burns Pants During Game

Ann Arbor, Michigan/USA - June 2009 - University of Michigan stadium scoreboard.


Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has always been one of the internet’s favorite coaches.

Harbaugh is the gift that keeps on giving sports media something fun to talk about. On Saturday, Harbaugh got a little too comfortable near a heater on the sidelines and burnt his pants. The hot seat jokes write themselves.

That’s what he gets for switching out of his traditional khakis.

Michigan won a close one on the road over Penn State Saturday but Harbaugh being on the verge of medical treatment is the talk of Michigan football.

With a big looming over big brother Ohio State, Harbaugh seems ready to take third-degree burns on his leg to reach his dream of a College Football Playoff birth. The true definition of a football guy.

Michigan has one more roadblock standing in the way before they meet with the Buckeyes. The Wolverines will travel to Maryland as fans hope the team takes care of business and comes out of the game unscathed with the big game on the horizon. Michigan running the table and taking the Big 10 crown will surely land them in the playoffs.

Yes, there are high chances of the weather being cold this weekend. Can somebody make sure that coach Harbaugh doesn’t set himself on fire during the game?

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