Chris Broussard Had Embarrassing Bills-Titans Take & Should Never Talk NFL Again (VIDEO)

Chris Broussard may have to retire from ever talking about the NFL again because his blistering hot take on Monday night’s game between the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans was so off the mark that everyone had second-hand embarrassment.

Broussard was going through the motions as one of the talking heads on FOX Sports 1 when he was called on to drop some NFL knowledge.

Unfortunately, Broussard said the reason the Bills fell short against the Titans was that Buffalo was without its Pro Bowl left tackle Taylor Lewan. Lewan’s injury is why Broussard says Josh Allen didn’t convert his fourth-down quarterback sneak. But everyone should see the glaring problem… Lewan is a Titan, not a Bills offensive lineman.

To make matters worse, Broussard doubled down on his lack of NFL knowledge by commenting on Dion Dawkins. Broussard called Dawkins a backup and dismissed his ability by saying “whoever that is. However, Dawkins has been starting for the Bills since 2017… before Josh Allen was on the team. Dawkins even recently signed a $60 million extension with the team.

If you want to laugh at Broussard and feel the awkwardness in the room, check out the clip above.

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