Looking Back On Tom Brady’s Storybook Return To New England (VIDEOS/PHOTOS)

BOSTON, UNITED STATES; FEBRUARY 5 2019: Tom Brady in a duck boat shares the Super Bowl trophy with the city of Boston during the parade after winning the competition.


Sunday night was the most anticipated regular-season game in the NFL in a very long time. Tom Brady returned to the place where it all began. Standing on the opposite sideline as a visitor instead of the hero of New England.

The storybook ending Brady had hoped for came to fruition as the Buccaneers took home the 19-17 victory.

The entire pre-game made this matchup secondary compared to the multiple storylines that would play out throughout the night. Brady and Belichick would finally meet since the first time Brady left for greener pastures in Tampa Bay. Many questions were answered last night, including Tom Brady becoming the NFL career passing yards leader.

The Buccaneers held on after Nick Folk missed a 56-yard potential game-winning kick late in the fourth quarter. Even after the final seconds ticked off the clock, it still felt like the main event would be the embrace of Tom and Bill after the game. Well, that embrace didn’t last 10 seconds, and in classic Bill fashion, he showed zero emotion as he had Brady shook hands.

After the game, it was reported that Belichick met with Brady in the Buccaneers locker room for 20 minutes.

The emotions that were felt last night were hard to hide, even for Brady. The Buccaneers took home the win without Brady finding the endzone one time. Both sides are probably glad this one is finally behind them.

Each side will move on like it was just another game. For one night, the greatest coach and player duo shared the field once again. Somebody hit play on the Sunday Night Football Adele promo one more time before we move on to next week.

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NFL Schedule 2021: NFL Week 4 Announcer Schedule & Pairings
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