LOOK: Adam Thielen Honors Norm Macdonald With Amazing Turd Ferguson Cleats (PHOTOS)

Minnesota Vikings receiver Adam Thielen brought out a special pair of cleats to honor the late Norm Macdonald on Sunday.

The cleats honored the classic SNL skit involving Macdonald playing Burt Reynolds on Jeopardy, where he wanted his character to go by the name “Turd Furguson.”

Check them out.

Thielen has had many special cleats throughout his career. Another pair he had last season paid respect to the legendary host of Jeopardy Alex Trebek, who lost his life after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Thielen shared the Trebek cleats when the Vikings played on Monday Night Football last season.

On September 14 of this year, Norm Macdonald passed away as he dealt with his own battle against cancer. Macdonald’s life has been celebrated by everyone who knew him and fans that enjoyed his work. The fight against cancer is a topic the NFL proudly helps with every year.

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month in the NFL, as stadiums around the league showed their support by adding pink to the sidelines and field. Thielen’s cleats were a cool reminder of the man Norm Macdonald was and the entertainment he gave his fans throughout the years.

If you’ve never seen the SNL Jeopardy skit featuring Macdonald, please make that a priority.

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