LOOK: The Boise State Football Throwback Helmets Are Straight Fire

Boise, Idaho - December 27, 2018: Boise State University broncos logo signage as seen at the football stadium downtown.


Boise State will be rocking throwback lids for their big game against Nevada this weekend. The throwback look is going to be a welcome sight for fans of the Bronco program. Social media has been buzzing since the program released the photos of the helmets.

Here’s a look at the new lids:

The helmets have a Denver Broncos feel to them but are a great look for the pride of Idaho. The orange helmets matching the smurf turf will be beautiful when the players take the field on Saturday.

Boise State takes on Nevada in a big-time rivalry game for the program.

The Broncos have dominated the series, with Nevada holding the overall record at 30-13. Nevada’s last win in the series came in a thriller in 2010 that seen the Wolfpack take the game in overtime and ruin the best chance Boise State has had at playing in the national championship. While the series has been lopsided, that doesn’t change the fact that this game still matters to the Boise State faithful.

Boise State and Nevada will kick off at a strange 3:30 p.m. time slot on Saturday. College football fans prefer the blue turf under the lights, but either way, fans will be treated to a fresh look. The throwback helmets celebrate a program that built itself up from cinderella to sometimes being a powerhouse. It will be a memorable weekend for Bronco nation.

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