Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Moved Mansions Due To Noisy Sheep

PORTO, PORTUGLAL - June 09, 2019: Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and team mates celebrate winning the UEFA Nations League Final with the trophy after the UEFA Nations League Finals match, Portugal


Cristiano Ronaldo and his family had to move out of a mansion due to some local problems.

According to a report from The Sun, Ronaldo had to move mansions because sheep were way too loud and their baaing kept waking him up at his 7-bedroom spot. Ronaldo moved his family out of the $6 million home after just one week.

The sheep were so loud that the GOAT wasn’t getting enough sleep, so ultimately he decided it was best to move.

“While the property is beautiful and is nestled in rolling fields and woodland, it was also close to sheep which are very noisy early in the morning,” someone who knew the property told the British tabloid. “It had a public footpath across the land and the road at the front gave a view inside its gates.

“Ronaldo is a true pro who places a lot on rest and recovery after games, so it was decided it was best if he and his family moved.”

The soccer star recently rejoined Manchester United after a stint with Juventus, and his highly-anticipated return comes with plenty of expectations. If he wants to remain the GOAT, he’s going to need his rest and the bleating sheep will have to wait until retirement.

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